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CREATOR DESIGNER MANUFACTURER ince its creation in 1982, Biens company produces and sales in exclusivity Kango chairs. We offer a range of more than 1000 products, matching specific requirements in industrial or medical environments. We have very stringent quality requirements at various levels, from materials selection and production process to robustness, ergonomics, and design. Kango chairs are designed to be resistant and long-lasting. The choice of a working chair in workshops or laboratories is done according to specific criteria corresponding to the environment where they are going...

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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST CHAIR MOVEMENT NORMAL POSTURE FORWARD-LEANING POSTURE UPRIGHT POSTURE Koncept / Stool / Semi stand-up seat / chair Koncept / Semi stand-up seat / Asynchronous chair Stand-up seat Rotating movement Koncept / Stool / Semi stand-up seat / chair Koncept / Semi stand-up seat / Asynchronous chair Precision work Asynchronous chair Asynchronous chair Stand-up seat Alternately upright / seated Koncept / Semi stand-up seat / Stand-up seat / Stand up seat Koncept / Semi stand-up seat Stand-up seat Significant forces Koncept / Semi stand-up seat Koncept / Semi stand-up seat...

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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST CHAIR THE WORKING CHAIR IS A TOOL Many staff perform tasks which require them to be particularly attentive for long periods of time. Whether standing or sitting, uncomfortable postures or muscular fatigue can adversely affect fine motor skills and concentration and exert a continual stress on the spine. Indeed, back problems are one of the leading causes of lost time. However, sitting for long periods can in itself be a constraint, and may have adverse medium-term effects, if a person cannot work in a comfortable seated position and change their posture regularly....

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WHEN INNOVATION BECOMES REVOLUTION We believe that every workstation in every business sector deserves comfortable posture. Not to mention that the well-being linked to it increases productivity, setting free the user from any physical or psychologi­ al discomfort. c By developping Koncept, we wanted to offer products with a new design combined with an incomparable comfort, due to an easy use and ergonomical qualities. Koncept is adjustable in height with a gas-lift column, which is the only manual adjustment, all the other adjustments being intuitive, in order to have a seat very easy to...

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UNDERSIDE OF THIGHS PELVIS The Koncept range was developped in close partnership with a company spe­ ialized in human motion metrology. c Many tests were carried out with different types of seating, people, movements and postures, based on the technology of motion capture. They helped to highlight the benefits of the Koncept seat on posture, and more specifically on the behavior of the vertebral rachis. PRESSURE TESTS STANDARD SEAT PRESSURE TESTS KONCEPT SEAT SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BENEFITS Nobody has a perfectly symmetric morphology. This is why a majority of people have back problems,...

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POLYURETHANE KONCEPT PRODUCT ADVANTAGES Polyurethane versions are equipped with a flexible seat whose complex geometry has a 40mm minimum thickness. Associated with the specific ergonomical quali- Resists to sharp tools, sparks, weak acids and hydrocarbons Does not overheat or cause perspiration Adapted to all environments (medical, industrial, services). ties of the Koncept chair, the result is an exceptional seat comfort. CREATE YOUR KANGO CHAIR : 7 ? K MATERIAL Polyurethane MECHANISM Silent-bloc (Koncept range) TYPE OF SEATING Koncept SEATING OPTIONS Without Specific with foot control...

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WOODEN KONCEPT Wooden versions are offered with a multi-ply beech wood with a 9mm thickness (12mm on the lumbar support) offering the same deforming properties as the po- lyurethane versions. CREATE YOUR KANGO CHAIR PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : ■ Anti skid black varnish ■ Suits to all uses in industrial environment (Koncept range) 0 Without lumbar support 1 With lumbar support N Black gas lift column D Black long steel ^ Locked under load U Casters with soft rubber tread SEATING OPTIONS

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Incorporated carry handle for easy displacement Flexible polyurethane foam seat offering an optimal comfort Adjustment in height thanks to the tilted and not rotating gas lift column with shock absorber Semicircular steel base covered in a PVC, plastic based satin coating POLYURETHANE STAND UP SEAT Kango created the stand up seat for all workstations where a normal chair cannot be used. This Kango patented product optimizes the comfort to a 4 hour standing workstation, avoiding back and leg aches, due to a long standing position. Ergonomical concept eliminating fatigue due to the weight of...

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STAND UP SEAT WITH TRIANGULAR BASE WITH 5 BRANCH BASE PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : ■ Tilting and rotating polyurethane seat, with automatically return to the ■ Triangular steel epoxy painted base, fitted with non-slip pads ■ Adjustable seat in height between 600 to 840mm ■ Easy displacement, reduced weight and volume CREATE YOUR KANGO CHAIR ■ Chromed or polyamid 5 branch base ■ Articulated nylon pads, nylon casters or casters with flexible rubber for a better grip on hard floors ■ Height adjustable seat thanks to a chromed or black gas lift column, with shock absorber...

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7NG 40GBLP 00 512 Seat and backrest in soft polyurethane foam, available in black and blue, offering an optimal comfort (4cm thickness) Available one-piece aluminium height-adjustable footrest with tightening knob on peripheral support Adjustment by tilting seat and backrest simultaneously or independently by a single control lever. POLYURETHANE ASYNCHRONOUS CHAIR PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : The asynchronous mechanism allows the use to tilt the seat and backrest simultaneously or independently by a single control lever. The chairs equipped with this mechanism suit very precisely to all working...

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Seat and backrest in grey or blue fabric, or black vinyl, on high density foam with protective casing. Available one-piece aluminium height-adjustable footrest with tightening knob on peripheral support. FABRIC/VINYL ASYNCHRONOUS CHAIR PRODUCT ADVANTAGES : n Adjustment by tilting seat and backrest simultaneously or independently by a single control lever The asynchronous mechanism suits perfectly to precision work, for a forward leaning position. Chromed 5 branch base, 590mm diameter, on articulated glides or casters The forward tilted seat ensures a good bloodstream in legs and the...

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