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It is the soft warm water mattress that makes Kanmed Baby Warming System unique Water at the right temperature provides optimal warming

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Water at the right temperature provides optimal warming This is a Kanmed Baby Warming System in the standard version

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Kanmed Baby Warming Philosophy Only the best care is good enough for newborn and premature babies A premature baby is sleeping peacefully and safely on a soft water mattress that is 37 °C warm. The water mattress makes the baby feel like being next to the mothers’ warm skin. Only a soft warm water mattress can substitute the warming efficiency of a modern incubator. As soon as the baby is stable and the skin has matured the baby can be moved to the open Kanmed Baby Warming System. The Kanmed system has a friendly and less clinical look, reducing parents anxieties. Parents can now easily get...

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Benefits of Kanmed Baby Warming System It is an open ergonomic system that gives easy access to the baby for the nurses and parents. The optimal warming ensures growth rates in gram/day that are equal to or better than most incubators. T he baby settles well on the Water Mattress as it immitates being on the mothers skin. Thereby heart rate, breathing rate, O2 saturation and temperature become stable. It is safe and simple to use and very easy to keep clean. The investment and maintenance cost is low. The safe lifetime is long. Please find literature reference list on last page

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In good care with the Kanmed Baby Warming System Soon he was 37 °C Peter, a 2800 g baby was delivered by Caesarean section. Due to complications he became hypothermic at 35°C. His mother was not ready to carry out Kangaroo Care warming, so he was placed on the Kanmed Baby Warming System which had been pre-warmed and set to 37°C. Soon he was 37°C, very hungry and ready for breast feeding. A 1 000 g baby in the Kanmed Warming system Maria was born prematurely at 31 weeks gestation. She spent her first 2 weeks in an incubator and was then moved to the Kanmed Warming System. Her mother could...

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Kanmed Baby Warming System New, improved design! Adapted for the baby, health care givers and parents. Kanmed Baby Warming System consists of the Kanmed Baby Warmer and the Kanmed Baby Bed. Together the system becomes a modern and safe warming solution for the baby, the parents and the healthcare professionals. All parts are of the highest quality and designed to ensure that the child receives an optimal warming in a safe and open environment. The system makes it possible to move premature babies early out of the incubator and start the very important baby parent bonding and breast feeding....

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CHECK WWW.KANMED.SE FOR LATEST NEWS AND ACCESSORIES The Baby Nest can be adjusted to create a snugg sleeping place with clear boundaries. The Water Mattress is easy to fill with ordinary tap water. A water conditioner keeps the water free from bacteria and algae. Safe low voltage watertight Heating Pad. TWIN BED VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE The Tent protects from draughts, light and visual overstimulation. On the rail you can hang a hand disinfection bottle other accessories and the Warming Control Unit. Unique drop down handling of the side walls. Just press them down instead of folding out. The...

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QRE I PHOTO: FREDRIK PERSSON. KANMED BABYSYSTEM / 2013.03.05 / EN. 2015 More than 10 000 units in use worldwide that have warmed more than 2 million babies PH Gray et al, University of Queensland, Australia. Cot nursing a heated water filled mattress and incubator care. (2004). Acta Paediatrica 93:308-310 2004-03-18. Prevention of Neonatal Cold Injury in Preterm Infants. Ragnar Tunell. Ass. Professor emeritus Stockholm. The Cochrane Collaboration. PH Peter Gray and Vicki Flenady. Cot nursing versus incubator care for preterm infants. Acta Paediatric 82:930-3. Ihsan Sarman, Ragnar Tunell,...

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