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Kanmed Operatherm - 1

Prevents hypothermia during utine surgery at minimum cost.

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Kanmed Operatherm - 2

The new version of the Kanmed° Operatherm is safe, cost effective and easy to use. The flexible X-ray translucent Heating Pad is placed on the OR-table with the Kanmed Gel Pads on top. The quality and long lifetime of the Kanmed Operatherm system makes it possible to warm your patients at a minimum cost (2–3 €/£ per patient). HYPOTHERMIA MUST BE AVOIDED VETERINARY AND RESEARCH VERSION Today’s hospitals are aware of the disadvantages that hypothermia causes for the patient (increase in wound infections, prolonged bleeding, longer hospital stay, etc.) Warm patients are less at risk from...

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Kanmed Operatherm - 3

SETS A NEW STANDARD IN "UNDER BODY" PATIENT WARMING SYSTEMS INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE The user interface has a colour display that informs the user about set and actual temperature, power output, alarms, time in use, etc. All events are saved in the memory for many years. Kanmed0 Operatherm has an advanced technology that sets a new standard when it comes to safety in "under body" patient warming systems. All Heating Pads are X-ray translucent and have 8 (4) heating elements that are indi- vidually controlled by the Control Unit. The elements act as temperature sensors and heaters at the...

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Kanmed Operatherm - 4

CONTROL UNIT OP3-022 ( factory set for 230 V AC), OP3-115 ( factory set for 115 V AC), OP3-100 (factory set for 100 V AC) TEMPERATURE RANGE: 33 ° – 39 °C in steps of 1 °C, Veterinary version 33 °–47 °C. Accuracy better than ± 1 °C Length 26 cm; Width 16 cm; Height 12 cm; Weight 6kg OTHER FEATURES: TECNICAL DATA Defibrillator and diathermia safe, event log, Gel Pad confirmation. Designed for continuous use. OTHER FEATURES: All Heating Pads are X-ray translucent. The Heating Pads can be cleaned with all common surface disinfectant fluids. Cable length: 2,8 m. Heating Pad Voltage: 30 V AC GEL...

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