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Efficent patient warming system with pressure sore prevention.

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Kanmed WarmCloud ensures efficient and thorough warming of the patient during surgical procedures. Using a soft, disposable single-use under-body mattress, it also reduces the risk of pressure sores – even during very long operations. Under the body disturbs nobody! Fast, simple mattress connection. The quiet Main Unit can be placed conveniently out of the way under the operating table, head or foot end. Very efficient warming and pressure relief in a single system. Patient Warming System with Pressure Sore Prevention Kanmed WarmCloud is a unique system that ensures patients stay warm...

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Superior patient comfort. Hand Controller for setting temperature and mattress pressure. Closed circuit. No air contamination. Kanmed WarmCloud has been used with more than 100 000 patients. Nearly all reached 37°C core temperature. The best solution for the patient The system makes the cold, hard operating table warm and comfortable in no time at all. This helps the patient relax. It nearly eliminates the risk of pressure sores, even during very long procedures. The best solution for the anesthesia staff Place the mattress on the operating table and connect it to the Main Unit. Very...

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CoMPLETE SYSTEM WITH STANDARD ACCESSORIES tecnical data ART. NO. OT-600-001 MAIN UNIT DIMENSIONS: Width 32 cm, height 40 cm, length 37 cm HAND CONTROLLER* DIMENSIONS: Width 12 cm, height 3 cm, length 15 cm *For controlling & indication of mattress temperature (20-42°C), and pressure (20-60 mb) WARM-AIR MATTRESS; FULL LENGHT ART NO. OT-600-222 DIMENSIONS: EVA plastic with non-woven cover, 5 side straps WARM-AIR MATTRESS, SHORT ART NO. OT-600-211 DIMENSIONS: EVA plastic with non-woven cover, 4 side straps The mattress is a single-use item. Other mattress sizes may be available in the future....

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