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B 250 R + D 100 - 1

Scrubber driers ride-on B 250 R + D 100 Basic/maintenance cleaning & polishing with the battery-powered B 250 R + D100. Compact ride-on scrubber drier with disc system and 100 cm working width. For areas up to 12,000 m². Standard accessories: • • • • • • • Disc brush Traction drive Automatic water stop Battery type Low maintenance DOSE Adjustable steering wheel 2-tank system Technical data Brush working width (mm) Vacuum working width (mm) Fresh / waste water tank (l) Theoretical working capacity (m²/h) Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) Sound pressure level (db(A))

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B 250 R + D 100 - 2

Details Description The B 250 R + D100 is a battery-powered and very compact ride-on scrubber drier with a disc brush of 100 cm working width. The machine is perfect for cleaning and maintaining large areas and enables very long work intervals thanks to the powerful battery (36 V / 630Ah) and the large water tanks (250 l). The short wheelbase and the minimal device width ensure high manoeuvrability and high area coverage. In this way, even confined spaces can be cleaned efficiently. Operation is extremely easy thanks to the EASY Operation switch and the colour-coding. The eco!efficiency...

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B 250 R + D 100 - 3

The suction bar is automatically raised when reversing. Straight or curved suction bar Perfect suction on any floor.

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B 250 R + D 100 - 4

Accessories Accessories for batteries Box with wall holder Supply system for charging wet batteries, the batteries can be filled easily, time saving. Mount the box 4 meters high. Order no. 2.641-243.0 Box Supply system for charging wet batteries, the batteries can be filled easily, time saving. Mount the box 4 meters high. Order no. 2.641-244.0 Anbausatz Recyclingbetrieb Recycling mode kit Not together with detergent metering 2.641-011. Order no. 2.640-884.0 Batteries Battery in tray with central filling system Order no. 6.654-136.0 Battery tray 36V 630Ah in tray with central filling system...

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B 250 R + D 100 - 5

Battery Chargers Battery charger Order no. 6.654-295.0 Brush heads Brush head D 100 S Brush head with 2 disc brushes, brush quick changeover system, 100 cm working width and height adjustable side guards. Order no. 2.763-035.0 Brush head R 100 S Order no. 2.763-033.0 Brush head R 120 S Order no. 2.763-034.0 Diamond pads Diamond pad, white Order no. 6.371-260.0 Diamond pad, yellow Order no. 6.371-261.0

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B 250 R + D 100 - 6

Diamond pads Diamond pad, green Order no. 6.371-240.0 Disc Brushes for BD Disc brush, medium Order no. 4.905-026.0 Disc brush, very soft Order no. 4.905-028.0 Disc brush, soft Order no. 4.905-027.0 Disc brush, hard Order no. 4.905-029.0 Microfibre pad Microfibre pad Order no. 6.371-271.0

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B 250 R + D 100 - 7

Miscellaneous Filling hose 1,500-mm filling hose for easy device filling from a water tap. With universal tapered fitting for all standard taps. Order no. 6.680-124.0 Pump spray bottle 1 l Order no. 6.394-409.0 DS 3 cleaning agent dosing station Directly connectable with the tab, water and detergent will be filled in the fresh water tank in the preset mixture. Can also be used with filling system kit. Order no. 2.641-811.0 Other attachment kits Auto-Fill Order no. 4.035-345.0 Suction hose accessories Order no. 4.444-015.0 Revolving signal light incl. handle Order no. 2.640-935.0 Dose...

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B 250 R + D 100 - 8

Other attachment kits Working light kit Order no. 2.640-887.0 Pad drive board Pad driver plate Order no. 4.762-534.0 Pads Pad, medium soft Medium soft, for wet-cleaning of all surfaces and for spray cleaning. Order no. 6.369-079.0 Pads, medium-hard Medium hard, for cleaning stubborn soilings and for deep cleaning. Order no. 6.369-078.0 Pads, hard Hard, for persistent soilings and for deep cleaning. Order no. 6.369-077.0 Polishing pad white D508 Order no. 6.371-320.0 Spray extraction mounting kit Spray suction kit Simplifies cleaning areas inaccessible for machines. Order no. 2.640-938.0...

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B 250 R + D 100 - 9

Squeegees for suction bars Squeegee blade, closed, oil-resistant Order no. 6.273-296.0 Rubber lip set anti stripe oil resistant Squeegee blade kit includes front and rear squeegee blades, 1210 mm. Slotted squeegee blades of hard-wearing, oil-resistant, transparent polyurethane. For sensitive floors. Order no. 6.273-340.0 Suction bar, complete Squeegee, straight, 1180 mm Straight squeegee with supporting rollers. 1180 mm long. Squeegee blades of oilresistant, transparent polyurethane. Squeegee blades are easy to replace and can be used four times. Order no. 4.777-404.0 Squeegee, curved,...

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