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KÄRCHER BV 5/1 The backpack vacuum cleaner BV 5/1 can be carried comfortably on the back, above all because of its low weight of just 5.3 kg. The BV 5/1 is particularly used where it is too tight for conventional vacuum cleaners: Between seat rows of cinemas and theatres, in buses, trains and airplane cabs, in stairways of hotels and offices, as well as in strongly transferred areas. For ergonomic working the extremely comfortable stretcher rack (with patented ventilation system) is equipped with padded shoulder and lap belts, which can be adjusted individually to the operator. The large on/off switch on the side of the container is well attainable. Owing to the centrically arranged dust extraction hose the equipment can be used by right- and left-handed persons alike. The 15 m long mains cable allows for a large working radius even on stairs or scaffolds. The machine is equipped with a patented carrying frame with Air Stream Comfort system padding The ventilation pads reduce heat development on the back whilst the mesh with ventilation on three sides reduces perspiration by 25%. Features: Clip system for extension hose Crevice tool Integrated power cable reception Upholstery tool Telescopic suction tube Washable nylon filter (main filter) TECHNICAL DATA BV 5/1 Dimensions (L x W x H) Motor rating Container capacity Frequency Weight Length of cord access. Air flow rate Sound level Voltage Standard nominal size Vacuum

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