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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 1

Hygienic and efficient. Cleaning solutions for hospitals.

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 2

Perfect hygiene with high efficiency. The successful day-to-day running of busy hospitals and clinics is inextricably linked with modern hygiene and efficiency. The vital importance of maintaining hygiene, in particular the avoidance of nosocomial infections and transmission of germs, must be ensured at all times through optimal care and cleanliness. The various areas in hospitals each require their own specific cleaning solutions – from small to large areas, from kitchens to operating theatres. In busy hospitals and clinics, efficient maintenance cleaning is crucial as there is rarely...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 3

Public areas, ward corridors Sanitary areas Treatment areas, patient rooms, laboratories Kitchen areas, catering Administrative areas Outdoor areas and underground car parks WPD 100, ECO!Manager Product overview Technical data eco!efficiency Service Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 4

Kärcher – your reliable partner. The name Kärcher is synonymous with high performance, quality and innovation worldwide and for cleaning expertise that sets standards. The Kärcher system offers convincing solutions for every requirement: perfectly matched machines, accessories and cleaning agents. They are high performance, efficient and cost-effective thanks to innovative technology, low consumption and durability. They are also pleasantly inconspicuous, stylish in their classic anthracite colour and whisper-quiet.

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 5

1 Always the best cleaning agent For over 30 years, Kärcher has developed its own highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaning agents and chemicals for specific cleaning tasks. Kärcher has a been a supplier of high-quality systems for years and now ranks as a world leading manufacturer of cleaning machines, cleaning agents and chemicals. Kärcher has a wealth of expertise and technologies that set standards and offer tailor-made solutions from one source. 2 eco!efficiency – achieve more with efficiency Efficiency comes in different dimensions: Reduced energy consumption. High-performance...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 6

Public areas – clean and safe. The constant traffic in public areas such as entrances, corridors and ward corridors leaves little time for cleaning. Decisive here is the balance between maintenance, interim and deep cleaning. For thorough cleanliness, value retention, dust suppression and safety – for all kinds of floors, hard surfaces and carpets. Kärcher puts hygiene first. Carpet cleaners for thorough cleaning: low residual moisture, quick drying. Scrubber driers for small to large areas. Easy to use. Water and energy-saving. Quiet and inconspicuous. Single-disc scrubbers/polishers....

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 7

Public areas, ward corridors 1 Carpets quickly cleaned When there is not enough time for drying or basic cleaning of carpets: the Kärcher system consisting of BRC 45 /45 C and iCapsol RM 768 featuring 2-roller technology for optimal cleaning results forward and backwards. Compact for space-saving storage. 4 Efficiency is a matter of adjustment The B 60 with KIK system is fully configurable and with its tank interior cleaning system ensures hygiene not only on floors. In the eco!efficiency mode, the brush speed and suction power can be reduced for light soiling. 2 Ideal for entrances The B...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 8

Sanitary areas – cleans deep into joints and crevices. Manual cleaning reaches its limits in sanitary areas with anti-slip floors. Especially when limescale, skin oils or cosmetic residues need to be removed. In baths, showers and changing rooms – suitable for structured floors and small areas where hygiene requirements are high: the avoidance of germ transmission and cross-contamination in these areas is crucial. The regular use of compact, efficient Kärcher cleaning machines ensures that floors are hygienically clean deep into joints and crevices. The BR 30/4 C compact scrubber drier...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 9

1 Optimal interim cleaning The BR 30/4 C cleans right into corners, around bends and under low fittings. Featuring a microfibre roller, it is ideal for removing fluff and hairs on fine stone tiles. Ideal for use in sanitary areas or wet zones, like water birth suites. 2 Optimal deep cleaning in sanitary areas The BDS 43/180 C Adv is ideal for uninterrupted use: height adjustable handle for ergonomic operation, two-column handle for easy manoeuvrability even at maximum power. Folds down for space-saving storage. Sanitary areas 4 Clean joints and crevices – no chance for dirt The DE 4002...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 10

Treatment areas – maximum hygiene. Cleaning in sterile areas such as operating theatres and laboratories places high demands on the cleaning systems used. The aim is to achieve and maintain a maximum level of hygiene to avoid nosocomial infections. Cleaning machines used in these areas must comply with high hygiene standards. The often busy environments, not enough time for thoroughly cleaning floors subject to high traffic and cramped conditions make things more difficult. BDP 50/1500 C – polishing at ultra-high speed. Polished floors are more resistant to aggressive disinfectants....

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 11

Treatment areas, patient rooms, laboratories 1 Faster is better Perfectly polished floors are extremely important where surfaces are subject to high mechanical stress and exposure to aggressive media such as disinfectants. The BDP 50/1500 ultra-high speed polishing machine is ideal for floors subject to heavy traffic and features floating driver plates for uneven floors. 2 Quickly on site and quickly finished The BD 40/12 is the intelligent alternative to a mop thanks to its fast set up, excellent cleaning performance and quick drying. This compact battery powered machine is versatile and...

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Cleaning Solutions for your Healthcare business - 12

Kitchen areas – appetisingly clean. Preparing food for a large number of patients and staff places the highest demands on hygiene. Kärcher offers a complete system which follows the HACCP concept and complies with all cleaning standards using special equipment. In all preparation, storage and distribution areas. For cleaning work surfaces and implements, including serving trolleys. For removing stubborn and coarse dirt. Also effective on heavily structured floors. HD 7/10 CXF, the compact class especially for use in food preparation areas. With food-grade hoses and grey abrasion-resistant...

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