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KÄRCHER KM 75/40 W Bp / Bp Pack Walk-behind vacuum sweeper as battery version. Bp Pack version includes battery and electronically controlled charger. The KM 75/40 W Bp/Bp Pack is perfect for high performance indoor and outdoor cleaning with its user friendly, easy maintenance design. Ideal for cleaning various floor types including asphalt, pavements, concrete and hard floors. The machine can also be used to clean carpets with an optional kit. Easy operation concept Clear and logical arrangement of all controls in the handle and field of view for ease of use. Standard symbols for all Kärcher sweepers. Waste container with trolley grip Waste container with recessed grips - easy to remove and empty. Short disposal times. Efficient filter system with mechanical filter cleaning Made of washable polyester for durability. Mechanical filter cleaning system with ergonomic handle. Easy to maintain Filter and roller brush easy to remove without tools for flexible maintenance. Features: Vacuum Battery and charger included Battery indicator Forward drive Mobile waste container Manual filter cleaning system Coarse dirt flap Adjustable main roller brush Fold-down push handle Polyester flat pleated filter Adjustable suction power Side brushes, can be raised/adjustable Overthrow system TECHNICAL DATA KM 75/40 W Bp Dimensions (L x W x H) Drive Drive power Drive type Working width Working width with 1 side brush Working speed Filter area Practical working capacity Theoretical working capacity Weight Waste container Climbing capacity

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