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KÄRCHER Puzzi 30/4 The Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction cleaner is the economical cleaning solution for large carpet surfaces and makes cleaning ergonomic, stress-free and quick. With 30 liter fresh water capacity and a 350 mm floor nozzle, this innovative spray extraction cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning large carpet areas. The machine design focuses on ergonomic, stress-free and time-saving cleaning. The EASY Operation concept and the ergonomic upright stance make handling much easier. The learning curve is short thanks to easily understandable pictograms. The dirt water tank is removable, and the handle and shape of the tank are designed for ergonomic carrying. The tank is easy to clean, which also makes it suitable for filling the fresh water tank. The short setup period saves time and money. The drying time with this machine is up to 30% shorter than with competitive products. This is partially due to the flexible suction lip, which always assures an optimal suction angle. The Puzzi 30/4 is easy to carry, even when lying flat with a full fresh water tank, and its large castor wheels make it easy to transport over stairs. Removable dirt water tank To protect against dirt, the dirt water tank's handle is attached to the outside. The dirt water tank is easy to remove and can also be used to fill the fresh water tank. A short description on the rear of the dirt water tank explains the work process in an easy-to-understand way. Extremely quiet With just 66 db(A), the Puzzi 30/4 is one of the quietest wet vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the low noise level, the machine can be used anywhere. Even during business hours and in hotels. The low noise emission protects the operator and allows for longer work intervals. Large tank volume Even with a full 30-litre fresh water tank, the Puzzi 30/4 can be easily transported lying on its back. An integrated filling level display shows the operator the current filling level. The fresh water filter protects the components and can be removed without tools and cleaned. Power outlet for PW 30 The integrated power outlet enables flexible use of the PW 30/1 without an additional power source. When not in use, the power outlet is effectively protected by an automatically closing flap. The PW 30/1 increases the area performance; lifts and thoroughly cleans the pile with a rotating brush. Features: Spray hose with integrated water feed, 4 m Spray suction hose (m), 4 m Wide floor nozzle with flexible squeegee blade Hand grip Additional handle Power outlet for power brush PW 30/1 TECHNICAL DATA Puzzi 30/4 Area performance Air flow rate Vacuum Spray rate, Spray pressure Cable length Power rating / Voltage / Frequency Waste/Fresh water container capacity Turbine power rating Pump power rating Weight Dimensions (L x W x H)

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