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SG 4/4 High performance professional 4-bar steam cleaner offering deep and hygienic cleaning without the use of chemicals. KILLS 99.999%* BACTERIA WITHOUT CHEMICALS CERTIFIED DISINFECTION *Accordant to prEN 16615, PVC-floor, Machine: SG 4/4 (Floor nozzle with lamellae, 30 cm/sec., steam pressure maximum, VapoHydro minimum) Test-germ: Enterococcus hirae ATCC 10541 Accessory storage compartment The fresh water tank can be continually refilled, since the boiler and The integrated storage compartment enables the storage of a variety Since only part of the overall volume is heated at any one time, it takes very little time for a consistent steam pattern to form. Small detailed accessories are always safely stored and do not get lost. Hygienic cleaning Thanks to VapoHydro, the steam level can be infinitely adjusted to Hygienic cleaning without the use of chemical substances. In addition to the steam pressure, the saturation can be infinitely adjusted from full steam to hot water. The avoidance of aggressive cleaning agents protects the operator and the surfaces treated.

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Technical Data and Equipment.  2-tank system  Short heating-up time  Heating boiler filling pump Technical data Order No. Heating output Tank capacity Cable length Steam pressure Weight without accessories Equipment Steam suction hose with handle Two steam tubes Floor tool Hand tool Round brush, black Upholstery tool with brush Power nozzle Detail nozzle

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Sets of cloths Terry cloths, large Steam+Clean Bath cloth set Steam+Clean Kitchen cloth set Steam+Clean Floor cloth set Steam+Clean Cover cloth set Lint-free, absorbent and hard-wearing: 5 extra wide highquality cotton floor cloths. Set of 5 high-quality cotton cleaning cloths suitable for use with hand tool Cloth set contains different microfibre cloths for steam cleaner use in bathrooms. Cloth set with different microfibre cloths for steam cleaner use in kitchens. 2 soft microfibre velour floor cloths for easy dirt removal. For perfectly clean floors. 2 soft microfibre velour covers for...

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SG 4/4 - 4

Steam cleaners Brass bristles for stubborn dirt. Metal, chromium-plated with storage. Round brush, brass bristles, set of 3 Cart

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