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KÄRCHER SGV 8/5 The easy-to-use SGV 8/5 steam cleaner offers hygienic cleanliness, being steam cleaner and wet and dry vacuum cleaner in one. User-friendly with EASY Operation One turn switch for all functions. Simple and quick handling, with no need for extensive training. Self-explanatory symbols make the machine easy to understand and simplify operation. Convenient function control with the hand tool The most important functions, like water/steam regulation and on/off switch for the vacuum function, can easily be adjusted on the hand tool. The customer can quickly and flexibly control the functions during application without having to make any extra adjustments on the machine. This saves time and makes application easier. Programs for every application (SGV 8/5) With the option to reduce the power using the eco!efficiency mode and thus also reduce the noise level, the SGV 8/5 is also a good choice for noise-sensitive environments. With the power-reduction function using the eco!efficiency program, the operator can reduce energy consumption and save electricity costs at the same time. In self-cleaning mode, the operator can activate cleaning of the hose, pumps and pipes automatically to restore the hygienic cleanliness of the machine. The chemical function (only in the hot water mode, not in the steam mode) allows the injection and application of cleaning agents to dissolve stubborn contamination. The associated rinsing program safely protects the operator from aerosols, ensuring that the machine can be used safely in the steam mode afterwards again. Features: Floor nozzle Steam pipes 2x Steam suction hose with handle Ergonomic carry handle Manual nozzle On-board cable storage Container material, Stainless steel Housing, Stainless steel TECHNICAL DATA SGV 8/5 Heat output Tank capacity Cable length Steam pressure Frequency Voltage Boiler temp (max. °C) Weight without accessories Dimensions (L x W x H)

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