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A utom ated Blood Pr es s ur e Mo n i t o r for S tr es s and E x er cis e Te s t i n g R Accurate, Handsfree Monitoring for Stress and Exercise Testing + Seamless integration with your stress system + Reliable, automated blood pressure, so you can focus on your patient

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The Tango®+ automated blood pressure monitor allows you to focus on your patient during stress testing rather than spend valuable time taking manual measurements. Tango+ "is tolerant to exercise and provides reliable automatic BP (measurements) within an acceptable clinical range."1 Tango+ can add BP and SpO2 to your stress ECG system, creating a complete and seamless diagnostic test center. 1Cameron JD et al., "Accuracy of automated auscultatory blood pressure measurements during supine exercise and treadmill stress electrocardiogram testing," Blood Pressure Monitor, 9:269-75,2004 Accurate...

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