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The surgical and diagnostic microscope SOM 62 The Variable System with the Wide Scope of Application KARL KAPS GMBH & CO. KG Equipment for Medicine and Technology Surgical and Diagnostic Microscope

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The surgical microscope SOM 62 Standard The Favorable Variant for the Requirements of Modern Surgery The KAPS SOM 62 Standard is a stereomicroscope with integral illumination, manual 3-step magnication and 60° inclined binocular tube, to it the choice of rolling tripod base with circular leg or H-leg. The KAPS microscope system can be extended with supplementary equipment for assistance, observation and for the technical documentation. Changeable oculars Manual ne focus control Slider and switch for bulb replacement Adaption points for accessories, handle, Laser manipulator etc. Green lter...

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The surgical microscope SOM 62 MOT, cool light The All-Round Equipment with Motor-Driven Magnication and Focus Control The KAPS stereomicroscopes SOM 62 are high-valued optical equipments with mature mechanism, which are presented in modern design. The excellent visual performance simplies the diagnosis and gives condence during surgical procedures. Both very bright coaxial 12 V/100 W halogen illuminations work with a novel dual beam system, which allows a continuation of work without difculty if shading occurs e.g. due to instruments. The integral illumination (standard) in the microscope...

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Technical data SOM 62 Standard and cool light Survey Manual Magnication 3-step / 5-step innitely variable (zoom) Objective lenses: Focal length f (mm) Inclined binocular tubes: Focal length f (mm) Focal length f (mm) Oculars: Wide eld Diopter balance Illuminations: coaxial 12 V / 100 W halogen operational replacement bulbs dual beam system (free of shadows) heat protection lter manual focusing: integral illumination in the microscope head (standard) UV-lter swing-in green lter beroptic illumination (cool light) swing in green lter (on request) with the microscope head directly or geared...

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