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High quality products offering reliable solutions ROOM PREPARATION CaviCide CaviWipes FINISHING & POLISHING OptiDisc Occlubrush

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For over 120 years Kerr has been dedicated to bringing exceptional dental products to the market. PATIENT PREPARATION OptiView INDIRECT IMPRESSION CLEANING & POLISHING Take 1 Advanced TEMPORIZATION Cleanic Pro-Cup Pro-Brush Miniature Brushes TempBond TempBond NE TempBond Clear CEMENTATION Maxcem Elite NX3 We are committed to advancing dentistry through education and sustainable solutions in consultation with clinicians. This partnership approach is the inspiration behind decades of standardsetting products that make up Kerr's rich portfolio, covering: • Room and patient preparation •...

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OptiDam is the first rubber dam with a 3D shape and nipple design. OptiDam involves much less preparatory work than conventional rubber dams. Kerr OptiDam also offers maximum patient comfort, making treatment fast and efficient. 3D shape. Outward oriented nipples that are easily cut. Anatomical frame. Available in two versions – anterior and posterior. Reduced tension. Creates a dry and clean operating field. Establishes a non contaminated field. Offers optimum protection for both patient and dental staff. PLACING TECHNIQUE 2. Use dental floss to push the dam through the mesial contact....

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Apex ID™ Digital apex locator Apex ID is compact and modern with unique functions that allow you to focus on what’s important; providing the best care for your patients. Apex ID offers accurate, uninterrupted readings in real time. Apex ID has been designed to work in almost any canal condition: whether dry, wet, bleeding or filled with saline, EDTA, NaOCI, chlorhexidine. • Possible to adapt the “point zero” and sound signals for a more intuitive use. • Unstopped readings in real time for increased precision. Apex ID Starter Kit CONTENTS: 1x Apex ID; 1x Apex ID Stand; 5x Lip Hooks; 2x File...

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TF® Adaptive Rotary and reciprocation files The TF Adaptive file system provides the clinician with exceptional file control throughout endodontic treatment. Features Rotary when you want it; reciprocation when you need it. • Rotary – 600º clockwise and 0º counter-clockwise file motion when no load is applied. 50º counter clockwise file motion when load is applied. • Intuitive – colour coded file identification. Benefits Improve your root canal preparation with Adaptive Motion Technology. • Consistently successful endodontics. • Easy and intuitive system. • Greater control with fewer file...

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ADAPTIVE MOTION TECHNOLOGY SM1 Small canals K-File Hand files Step 1 Step 2 Rotary 600° clockwise and 0° counter-clockwise file motion when no load is applied. Reciprocation 370° clockwise and up to 50° counter-clockwise file motion when load is applied. TF Adaptive Sterter Kit CONTENTS: 1x Elements Motor w/ 8:1 Contra Angle; 5x TF Adaptive Small Assorted Pack in 23mm; 2x TF Adaptive Small Assorted Pack in 27mm; 5x TF Adaptive Medium/Large Assorted Pack in 23mm; 2x TF Adaptive Medium/Large Assorted Pack in 27mm, 2x #8 K-Files in 25mm Pack; 2x #10 K-Files in 25mm Pack; 2x #15 K-Files in 25mm...

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elements™free Cordless obturation system The elementsfree obturation system has all the great benefits of the original Elements system, plus it’s cordless! Powered obturation with no strings attached. Swiss motor and gear drive for high level performance. Motorised extrusion for less hand fatigue. Single use cartridges with built-in finger grips for ease of use. Aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element for your comfort and your patient’s safety. Benefits Ready to go when you’re ready to go. • Predictable results: high quality 3D fill. • Ease of use: motor driven extruder for better...

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Buchanan System B heat pluggers • High quality pluggers with a shape that closely matches the final root canal preparation (bendable tip). • Tip reaches accurate temperature at time of release. • Easy separation from condensed gutta-percha. • Available individually or in a pre-packaged kit of five. • Available in size .04. (40 percent smaller) wich allows access into even the smallest canals. Elements gutta-percha cartridge • Convenient cartridge delivery. • Easy insertion and removal with fingers: time saving. • Minimal cross contamination. • Excellent heat conductivity: tips made of...

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All-In-One matrix system With its innovative integrated tightening/opening system, All-In-One MetaFix matrix is the perfect solution for Class II – MO/OD/MOD composite fillings in the posterior area. Unique and fast application/removal. Integrated clamping system for easy and stable tightening. Integrated release mechanism for fast and simple removal. Contoured shape for perfect contact point control. Anatomical design for improved cervical adaptation and cavity depth. Benefits Three sizes are available for better marginal adaptation to any posterior tooth. • Easy creation of the contact...

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Universal tensioning matrix system Perfectly shaped for the macro area, SuperMat is ideal for transparent and steel posterior matrices. SuperMat simplifies the demands of large posterior restorations. SuperMat offers fast, easy and standardised application. • Precise and comfortable tensioning system. • Available in two band heights with a single shape for • Less tensioning force, allowing restoration of several teeth • Matrices available in steel or transparent plastic. • The SuperMat tensioning instrument is designed to easily in the same quadrant at the same time. • Good anatomical...

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Self-etch, light-cure universal adhesive The only bonding agent that offers both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique. A truly universal formula effective on all surfaces and dental areas. • Patented formula with GPDM monomer, for proven long lasting bond strength. • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic action. • Low film thickness formula. Benefits For easy application with strong bonding results. • Proven long lasting bond strenght, with minimised post operative sensitivity. • Consistent protocol, effective on all surfaces and...

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