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Helios Designed to help you see better. HELIOS LED OPERATORY LIGHTING

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The Ultimate Light Show Precise light pattern Virtually no radiant heat Helios HELIOS for a true increase in performance over traditional halogen operatory lighting, without breaking your budget. Helios 3000 provides the above and more light boasts a color temperature similar to bright for a truly unparalleled operatory light experience. daylight (~5000K), and precise 3” x 6” light pattern Change color temperatures at the touch of a button with consistent illumination throughout. Long LED (5000K, 4200K) for color matching in the chair lifespan means means no more downtime and cost and...

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Factory calibrated at 27” (the average length of the human arm), a precise 3” x 6” rectangular light pattern is produced. Forget adjusting the light due to the hot spots and color washing common with halogen lights - uniform intensity throughout the Helios’ LED light pattern means illumination where you need it: throughout the oral cavity. Vertical Adjustment Reflective technology lets you work around your patient instead of your light. Since the light source is reflecting from the continuous curve of the reflector, the operating field is illuminated from all angles. No matter where your...

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MEET THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE HELIOS FAMILY: HELIOS 1800 Pelton & Crane’s Helios 1800 operatory light leverages technology to provide increased performance from traditional halogen lighting. PRECISE LIGHT PATTERN The Helios 1800 has a crisp, consistent 3 x 6” light pattern that focuses only where you need it and stays out of the patient’s eyes. Consistency ensures proper illumination in more. Introduced in 2008, the Helios 3000 all areas of the oral cavity. High, medium, or low intensity changed the game in operatory lighting. Using settings help minimize eye fatigue. patented color mixing...

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FEATURE SUMMARY Helios 3000 & 1800 • Precise 3” x 6” light pattern with uniform intensity Long depth of field generated within 18” to 36” range (factory calibrated at 27”) Approximately 70% less energy consumed vs. standard halogen operating lights Minimum 30,000 hour life expectancy (12-15 yrs.) vs. 3,000 hour life expectancy (1-2 yr.) of standard halogen operating lights Smooth surfaces and handles for easy asepsis and disinfection Dual membrane touch pads Third axis rotation Spring Flexion Technology – flex arm range of movement travels up to 40° above and below horizontal and up to 27”...

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