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Invivo5.4 Upgrade

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YOUR COMPLETE 3D DESIGN TOOL FROM THE CROWN DOWN. Cone Beam 3D scans acquired with your Instrumentarium Dental™, Gendex™ or SOREDEX™ 3D imaging system provide rich clinical information to assist you in the treatment planning process. The feature-rich Invivo5 software enhances the data and gives you full control to design crowns, abutments, and implants right from your Cone Beam 3D scan for fast, accurate treatment planning and predictable results. 1 IMPLANT SELECTION AND PLACEMENT Implant selection and placement have never been this easy! With the ability to adjust and size the implant...

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SINUS GRAFTING A sinus graft can be placed directly on to the patient’s scan. The resulting graft is displayed on both the 3D patients scan and the cross sections. The volumetric measurement of the graft is displayed above the 3D graft. PARALLEL IMPLANT GROUPS Treating edentulous or partially edentulous cases just got easier. In addition to setting all implants of an arch parallel, individual groups of implants can be set parallel. Greatly improving efficiencies during planning stages and during the procedure. In addition, the angles between non-adjacent implants are displayed on a chart....

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ABOUT INVIVO5 Invivo5 by Anatomage is a powerful, yet effortless 3D imaging application specialized in dental and medical applications such as implantology, orthodontics, oral surgery, and restorative. Invivo5 offers fast and high quality rendering and visualization of Cone Beam 3D scans, and clinical tools to define accurate treatment plans. Invivo5 has been voted “Best 3D Imaging Software” as the recipient of the Dentaltown Townie Choice Award. RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Another Major Leap Forward The newest edition of Invivo5, the award-winning 3D imaging software, enhances the...

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