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The KaVo Advantage Collections - 36 Pages

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The KaVo Advantage Collections

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The KaVo Advantage Your guide to KaVo innovations

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Over a Century of Dental Excellence Innovation and quality are traditions that have kept KaVo at the forefront of the dental industry for more than 100 years. The company was founded in 1909 by Alois Kaltenbach in Berlin-Steglitz. It became known as Kaltenbach & Voigt (KaVo) when Richard Voigt joined the company in 1919 and is now a trusted partner for dentists and dental technicians worldwide. KaVo’s continued commitment to advancing dental technology for the betterment of your practice drives us every day. It is innovation and our passion for quality that has fueled our steady growth and...

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In 1909, KaVo is founded by Alois Kaltenbach and in 1919 Richard Voigt joins the company. In 1928, the first sterilizable handpiece is created by KaVo. In 1958, KaVo launches its first turbine called Borden-Air 60. In 1977, the KaVo MULTIflex™ is the first quick-release coupling. In 1982, KaVo integrates the first light conductors into turbines. GENTLEsilence™ LUX 6500 B - one ofthe quietest turbines in the world. 2006 In 2006, KaVo introduces the revolutionary DIAGNOdent™ caries detection aid. 2012 In 2012, KaVo introduces INTRAmatic LUX KL703 Short Motor, one of the shortest and lightest...

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Since 1909, dental professionals around the world have trusted the quality and precision of KaVo instruments. The more than 5 million high-speed instruments, straight handpieces, low-speed handpieces sold worldwide are a testament to our promise: Dental Excellence. Our vast line of quality handpieces showcases our attention to your level of care while delivering performance that lasts. It is our passion for excellence that enables us to deliver the best air-driven, electric and surgical systems worldwide. Using Kerr Rotary with KaVo handpieces can allow you to synchronize your technique...

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KaVo and Kerr designed to perform together. KaVo Kerr is now combining forces to improve the customer support we offer dental practices. Now the same Territory Sales Managers who represent KaVo Handpieces also represent Kerr Rotary products. From restoration to root canals, we know you work with dozens of products a day that allow you to perfect your craft. Prep to finish, our versatile portfolio of rotary products empowers you to get precise results-every time. Below we highlight some of our most popular Kerr Rotary products. Carbide - Trimming and Finishing Carbide - Operative

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Finishing Strips SmartStrip™ • Easy interproximal reduction • One-handed operation • asy access to tight anterior and posterior spaces E • arge grinding surface and improved working view* L • Autoclavable, multiple-use device Kerr Standard Diamond Finishing Strips • Narrow (FS2 Series - 2.5 mm wide by 147 mm long) most popular (FS2-M, FS2-F, FS2-SF)Wide (FS3 Series - 3.75 mm wide by 147 long) assorted pack - (FS32-SFMX) • Serrated (FS3-X Wide Serrated Series - 3.75 mm wide by 147 mm long) (FS3-MX, FS3-FX, FS3-SFX)Perforated (2.5 - 4.0 mm wide by 150 mm long) assorted pack - (FSP42-SFMX)...

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With the introduction of KaVo’s new MASTERmatic handpieces, KaVo now offers a comprehensive electrics upgrade system. By combining KaVo's smallest head size for best access and visibility, a reliable triple gear system, and a short, light-weight motor, KaVo provides you with the ideal solution for synchronized efficiency. Master Series The pinnacle of KaVo innovation Featuring the MASTERmatic LUX M25 L and MASTERmatic LUX M05 L Mini High-speeds with KaVo’s smallest head size yet on an electric attachment. The Master Series premium electric handpieces feature a tripe-gear system for smooth,...

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Smart Series Electric Systems Versatile portfolio Efficient performance The KaVo SMARTmatic series is perfect for anyone KaVo's ELECTROmatic™ system can be used for wishing to combine the highest standards in reliability, virtually any high- and low-speed procedure today. a broad spectrum of treatment options, and amazing KaVo's KL703 LED short, light-weight motor and performance. SMARTmatic instruments offer a selection of ELECTROmatic systems provides you with versatile portfolio for endodontics, restorative or the ideal solution for exceptional performance. prophylaxis treatment...

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Electrics made easy with KaVo Switching to KaVo electric systems helps you to improve your efficiency, provide better patient care, and increase your confidence in handling complicated cases. KaVo electric systems combine state of the art handpieces, a short, light-weight motor and the NEW ELECTROmatic™ control system to provide an optimal electric solution for your practice. ELECTROmatic Plus Easy selection. Three distinct options in the ELECTROmatic series ELECTROmatic features an intuitive user interface. offers the versatility to choose the right system to Its simple design and clear...

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ELECTROmatic Premium Easy speed control. Easy and fast installation. The ELECTROmatic motor system delivers constant You can upgrade your existing delivery unit within speed and constant torque, allowing precise preparations minutes. The plug and play system connects to a at the defined speed. Easily adjust the speed on the standard air tubing and automatically adjusts to control system display for a wide range of indications. the air pressure of your dental unit.

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MASTERmatic    High-speed    High-speed    Low-speed    Low-speed    Low-speed    Straight version    Attachment    Attachment    Contra-angle    Contra-angle    Contra-angle    Attachment Transmission Speed Increasing Speed Increasing type    1:5    1:5 Transmission type Operative    Operative    Operative Latch    Friction Grip    Latch Endodontics Latch Endodontics    Endodontics INTRA LUX    Ortho / Perio / Ortho / Perio / Endodontics Endodontics    Mini Latch    Prophy    Micro version    Endo    Endo    Latch Transmission type Specialty    Axial stroke (3:1) Axial stroke (3:1)    10:1...

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