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KaVo OP3D Pro

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ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro A platform for changing needs KAVO Dental Excellence

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OP 3D Pro is the most comprehensive 3-in-1 platform designed for today and tomorrow, covering the entire maxillofacial region. OP 3D Pro combines an advanced panoramic imaging system with either cephalometric or cone beam 3D or a combination of both, giving you a truly adaptable platform. With OP units, each feature is optimized to provide the best possible image quality and efficient clinical use. OP 3D Pro masters the details. Complete versatility ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D Pro is a platform for changing needs. Depending on the configuration, OP 3D Pro can be upgraded with CBCT or...

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Excellence for all clinical needs • General Practitioners • Endodontics • Implantology • Orthodontics • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery • Periodontics • Prosthodontics • Air

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Control without compromise With ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ units, no usability compromises have been made. The OP 3D Pro system offers ultimate control for obtaining diagnostic information from the correct region of interest. This is achieved with the optimum combination of patient positioning and SMARTVIEW™ scout image. SMARTVIEW™ functionality SMARTVIEW™functionality FOV positioning accuracy can be verified or adjusted if needed by taking SMARTVIEW™ scout image before CBCT examination. Furthermore, the FOV can be positioned freely to the region of interest, both in horizontal and vertical...

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User-experience in focus The large, easy-to-use 10” user interface enables intuitive usage and setting of imaging parameters from the very beginning. The result is fast and effortless workflow for all modalities.

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Precision for every patient 3D images provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. Evaluation of different morphologies is easy as the region of interest can be viewed from all directions. The precision of OP 3D Pro is founded on the carefully optimized image quality parameters of each program. Both the volume and the resolution can be selected according to the indication and region of interest. OP 3D Pro provides professionals with the tools to succeed. Automatic Dose Control for 3D With the proprietary ADC feature, patient-specific exposure...

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For each FOV size, it is possible to choose between different resolutions. Additionally, the user selectable Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) tool can be used with every available FOV. Standard resolution scan with optimized patient dose can be used for general diagnostics. Low Dose Technology™ scan (LDT) can be utilized in dose sensitive cases and control or follow-up situations where lower resolution is acceptable. High resolution scan offers extremely sharp images for more detailed diagnosis. Endo resolution scan 85 pm voxel size with MAR tool specially designed for endodontic...

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Optimized for single-site implants or Covers the complete dental arch localized diagnostics, keeping the for multiple implant placement patient dose at a substantially reduced level. surgical guides. Optimized for single-site implants or Covers both mandibula and maxilla localized diagnostics, keeping the including airway and upper patient dose at a substantially cervical spine or the sinus. Both TM reduced level. joints can also be studied. Covers the complete dental arch for multiple implant placement and maxillofacial region. allows for the use of surgical guides. FOV 8 x 8 cm Covers the...

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Consistent, repeatable, gold-standard image quality offers the power to diagnose quickly and efficiently with a wide range of panoramic imaging programs. The unique combination of dedicated panoramic sensor, ADC, easy patient positioning and the best possible imaging geometry provide excellent diagnostic images-time after time. Automatic Dose Control (ADC) Proprietary ADC technology automatically optimizes panoramic exposure levels for each patient and every acquisition, resulting in patient-specific dosage and enhanced workflow efficiency. Multilayer pan The OP 3D Pro multilayer...

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The standard adult panoramic imaging program provides clear and consistent image. The pediatric panoramic program has a clinically adapted image layer and reduced images height. Bitewing-like view is a quick and easy alternative to intraoral bitewing imaging.

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OP 3D Pro cephalometric: Unsurpassed results A variety of cephalometric imaging programs are available for OP 3D Pro. Furthermore, it can be tailored to your preferences. The cephalometric arm can be positioned to either side for optimum use of space and user-experience. Excellent image quality for every patient Adjustable scanning area Automatic Facial Contour (AFC) automatically exposing only the required region, the patient dose decreases the exposure values during the scan for Fully adjustable scanning area ensures that by is decreased. better soft tissue definition in the facial region.

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Fast and accurate diagnosis The CLINIVIEW™ software is specifically designed for your workflow. Image storage and processing, as well as diagnostic decisions, treatment planning and printing, are built to function intuitively. The main focus is on extreme fluency of use for fast, accurate diagnoses. CLINIVIEW™ software is highly compatible and connected. Utilizing the industry-standard DICOM format, images can be transported between CLINIVIEW™ software and a wide range of other sources, including TWAIN. —1■■ Powered by Anatomage The software is incredibly powerful, yet intuitive, which...

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Leading the way through the decades For more than 50 years, the name of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHTM system has stood for ultimate reliability and clinically correct maxillofacial imaging. Professor Y.V. Paatero publishes his first paper on Panoramic Tomography. 1964 ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ system becomes the leading name within dental panoramic imaging with models OP5/OC5, OP6 and OP10/OC10. Direct digital ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP100 product family is introduced. Commercialization of the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ units begins with models OP2 and OP3. The first dental panoramic X-ray, ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP1, is...

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