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KaVo SMARTmatic

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SMARTmatic™ The smart choice for your practice. KAVO DentaL Excellence

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Welcome to SMARTmatic! The smart approach to Dental Excellence. Since 1909, dental professionals around the world have trusted the quality and precision of KaVo instruments. The more than 5 million High-speed instruments, straight handpieces, and contra-angle low-speed handpieces sold worldwide are a testament to our promise: Dental Excellence. The new SMARTmatic series unites KaVo‘s trusted quality with smart features for optimal ease of use and successful clinical outcomes. As a successor to the established INTRAmatic™ E / ES series, our SMARTmatic compliments the Master and Expert series...

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An example of unparalleled quality: SMARTmatic S20 K for restorative work. Smaller head for a better view Ceramic sliders within the clamping system for enduring and secure tool holding Rust-free stainless steel for long-lasting durability Extremely precise ball bearings for a high degree of efficiency Light-weight for tireless working Optimum balance for precise treatment SMARTmatic instruments offer a versatile portfolio for KaVo SMARTmatic offers you excellent benefits, including its endodontics, restorative or prophylaxis treatment indications. durable, stainless steel craftsmanship, a...

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SMARTmatic is quality that you can see and feel. SMARTmatic straight and contra-angle handpieces combine excellent conditions with amazing performance, reliability, versatility, and efficiency. Take a look for yourself. Discover the many benefits of the SMARTmatic series. Exceptional quality Versatile portfolio Designed by the leading dental brand, Wide range of treatment options thanks to 15 known and trusted for over 110 years. unique instruments within this platform. • Developed and tested in Germany to ensure the highest level of quality. • Seamless surfaces for rapid cleaning and...

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Premium materials Smart design Rust-free stainless steel for long-lasting Ergonomic design provides better visibility durability and low cost of ownership. and balance for precise treatment. • Extremely durable ball bearings for long-lasting smooth operation and a high degree of efficiency. • Stainless steel construction leads to longer useful life, • Light-weight, perfectly balanced design. • Small head dimensions enable the best view of the treatment area and precise work. ultimately lowering your repair or replacement costs.

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Primary indication(s) Restorative Restorative Restorative Prophy    Prophy Restorative Restorative Operating speed transmission 8:1 Chuck system Latch type Latch type Friction grip Screw-in (Snap-on) Latch type Latch type Features For straight handpiece and contra-angle burs Small head size Sealing system to prevent intrusion of paste For straight handpiece and contra-angle burs Speed range up to 20,000 rpm, 4-hole connection, non-optic, forward / reverse speed adjustment. No water, no chip air. Part no. 0535.5260 Suitable for the following KaVo motor

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S20    S81 l\S53 Restorative Restorative Endo    Endo    Prophy Prophy, Endo Latch type Latch type Latch type Latch type Doriot Screw-in (Snap-on) Screw-in (Snap-on) Latch type Sealing system to prevent intrusion of paste Small head size Usable with polishing and root canal instruments Speed range from 5,000 to 20,000 rpm, forward / reverse adjustment, field exchangeable halogen bulb. Part no. 0535.5210 Brushless motor, speed range from 100 to 40,000 rpm, sterilizable, field exchangeable LED bulb. Part no. 1007.0150

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Dental Excellence from KaVo. Handpieces KaVo has always been the leader in creating innovative solutions for dental practitioners. Our vast line of quality handpieces showcase our attention to your level of care while delivering performance that lasts. Treatment Units Beautiful lines, patient comfort and simple operation are just a few of the benefits to the line of KaVo treatment units. Everything you need to perform any procedure— all in one solution. Imaging Solutions Designed with ease-of-use for all clinicians in mind, KaVo now offers dependable and consistent imaging solutions that...

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