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Narrow Back SPIRIT 3300 NARROW BACK CHAIRS Your Image Reflected

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Access & Your CLINICIAN HEALTH Oral cavity access in ergonomically correct positions decreases the risk of musculoskeletal disease, protecting the long term health of dental clinicians. Discomfort, lower productivity, missed days of work and patient dissatisfaction are all potential issues caused by prolonged improper positioning. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) can affect the body’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves, which can result in many health and production issues. As defined in the classification of motion chart below, excessive and repeated physical stress on the...

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Access and Your Health Health ACCESS DEFINES HEALTH Access to the oral cavity defines health for the entire dental team. A wide back dental chair can prevent proper positioning which can result in Class 4 and 5 movements. When a patient is positioned incorrectly, the clinician has to bend at the lower back, and elevate and rotate their shoulders. Having the right equipment is a critical part of maintaining proper positioning. Pelton & Crane’s narrow chair back allows the clinician to gain access to the oral cavity while maintaining an ergonomically correct posture and staying within healthy...

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Around not Under Improper leg positioning affects your health and hinders access to the oral cavity • The narrow chair back allows more freedom to move around the patient and the ability to position the oral cavity at the proper height. • A narrow chair back allows a clinician to position their legs around the chair, allowing both the dentist and assistant access to the oral cavity from any position. • With a wide chair back, the legs are positioned underneath the chair potentially causing circulation issues and raising the oral cavity above a comfortable working height. Competitor Outline...

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LEGS: Around not Under Narrow chair backs and headrests allowed best clinician posture and access* - Clinicians Report, February 2011, Volume 4, Issue 2 *Compared against A-Dec, Belmont, DentalEZ and Midmark.

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Access to the oral cavity can be achieved at an optimal height, allowing arms to remain in a relaxed position. The narrow chair back provides access to the oral cavity without the need of Class 3 and 4 movements, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal damage With a narrow chair back, the oral cavity is at a comfortable height-allowing the clinician to work with arms relaxed and elbows at a 90+ degree position. • A wide chair back causes the oral cavity to be positioned higher, forcing the clinician to raise their arms and elbows to gain access. I love my new Pelton & Crane 3003 Dental chair,...

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ARMS: Relaxed not Raised

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Straight not Twisted A narrow back chair reduces physical barriers, allowing access to the oral cavity without twisting or bending • The narrow chair back allows the clinician to work around the patient with the oral cavity at a comfortable height, providing access to the oral cavity without twisting the trunk. • Placing the knees under a wide chair back can require you to bend and rotate the trunk to gain access. • Proper positioning allows for consistent focal length and working distance without the need for Class 5 movemen

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Pelton & Crane’s Spirit 3300 narrow back dental chair is up to 38% more narrow than the competition, which enables oral cavity access in an ideal ergonomic position,* Class 4 and Class 5 movements in particular present the greatest risk for musculoskeletal damage. Often these occur when the patient is positioned incorrectly, preventing proper ergonomic access to the oral cavity. This causes the doctor to bend at the lower back and elevate and rotate shoulders. If repeated continually, these Class 4 and 5 movements can create long-term or permanent MSDs. The leading cause of improper patient...

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Comfort and Access Unmatched comfort for your patient, ideal ergonomic access for you Pelton & Crane’s Narrow Back Advantage™ puts you in the right position without sacrificing patient comfort. The backrest uses a convex design to help shoulders roll open, while keeping patients of all sizes comfortably supported. Slow release foam and Ultraleather upholstery, coupled with the ErgoSoothe massage system, create a relaxing environment. The Spirit 3300’s narrow chair back enables a comfortable experience for both you and your pati

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MAXIMUM ACCESS The dual articulating headrest has the right pitch and adjustment ability to precisely position your patient so they are comfortable and you have the access you need. ERGOSOOTHE™ MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY All Spirit 3300 chairs come equipped with ErgoSoothe technology - the world's first fully integrated dental massaging system. Bring comfort to your patient. CONVEX BACK The convex narrow back design allows the shoulders to relax, providing unimpeded access to the oral cavity while keeping patients of any size comfortably supported. SLOW RELEASE FOAM The Spirit 3300 chair features...

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THE NARROW BACK ADVANTAGE™ Pelton & Crane’s narrow chair back design enables oral cavity access in an ideal ergonomic position for you, while keeping your patients comfortably supported. Pelton & Crane reflects the quality of care that you strive to deliver. Visit our website at www. for more information. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment that contributes to the aesthetics of this practice while at the same time offering great functionality for excellent dentistry. – Dr. Bradford Picot NARROW BACK CHAIRS Your Image Reflected. P.O. Box 7800 • Charlotte, NC 28241 • USA...

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