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OP200 D

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True dynamo leading through the decades.

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You can’t duplicate the legacy. 1946 Professor Y.V. Paatero publishes his first paper on Panoramic Tomography. “Pantomography” equipment is presented. The first dental panoramic X-ray, ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP1, is developed. 1964 Commercialization of the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ units begins with models OP2 and OP3. 1978 ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ system becomes the leading name within dental panoramic imaging New innovations, such as the lifting cassette head and linear tomography, are introduced along with the OP100 product family. 1999 Direct digital ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP100 product family is...

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Ortho Zone, before Sectional panoramics Gold standard image quality -automatically and efficiently OP200 D combines all elements affecting image quality for users benefit. With sharp and detailed images diagnosing is easy, time after time. Furthermore, OP200 D utilizes dose-controlled Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) to deliver consistantly perfect quality images with individually defined exposure values for all size patients. Accurate and stable patient positioning OP200 D follows the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ accurate and stable patient positioning. Correct patient positioning is assured by...

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ORTHOCEPH™ OC200 D Fully adjustable scanning OC200 D incorporates an advanced user-adjustable lateral scan method to expose only the desired portion of the skull. This method reduces the scanning time to a minimum of 5 seconds and reduces patient dose considerably. OC200 D uses a patented Automatic Facial Contour (AFC) method for soft tissue enhancement in lateral views. The unit automatically adjusts the exposure values during scanning for better soft tissue definition. Areo lowered AFC dose Only 43 -32% dose with    52 -38% dose with    100% dose, typical full scan Core Lateral Ceph...

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Boost up usability SMARTNAV™ - Interactive navigator In SMARTNAV™ software all information is displayed and described in an intuitive manner. It provides easy selection of imaging programs, arch sections, lateral scanning start position, and more. The user can easily set the desired imaging parameters in SMARTNAV™ navigator. SMARTPADTM full-color touchscreen The large 12.1" SMARTPAD™ touchscreen enhanced by SMARTNAV™ software provides intuitive and easy-to-access user-interface for ultimate experience. SMARTPAD™ touchscreen can be positioned either side of the unit or to the wall. Patient...

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Imaging programs Versatile imaging programs In addition to the various standard panoramic programs, special imaging programs are available to facilitate easy diagnosis even with difficult clinical conditions. Panoramic The quality of images is a result of many elements. A perfect image is as dependent on good patient positioning and support as technical features of the equipment or specifications of the workstation. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP200 D unit combines all possible factors for your benefit to ensure you a perfect image – every single time. ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ product family masters the...

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P5 – The Wide Arch program is appropriate for patients with a wider than average dental anatomy. BW – Bitewing-like view for a quick and easy alternative to intraoral bitewing imaging. P10 – The ORTHOCEPH™ units patient positioning system enables a variety of imaging projections for cephalometric radiography. It includes facial, posterioranterior and Submentovertex projections among others. P9 – Cephalostat lateral view. P6 – Tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) lateral view can be taken with mouth closed or open. P6 – The standard lateral TMJ program can be replaced with the alternative Ortho...

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Minimum space requirement for OC200 D (optional SMARTPAD™ touchscreen mounted on ceph side) ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP200 D/ OC200 D Technical specifications* Choose your own ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ Standard panoramic Advanced panoramic

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Instrumentarium Dental develops, manufactures and markets high-tech systems and solutions for dental and maxillofacial imaging. We work in close co-operation with dental professionals, universities and other research centers in our quest to develop solutions that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. As the establisher of panoramic X-ray imaging, we are committed to providing high clinical performance while still maintaining simplicity, ease of use and workflow efficiency. The Instrumentarium Dental product portfolio consists of a full range of premium quality imaging...

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