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ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 2D Quality and design

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OP 2D is a digital panoramic X-ray unit that combines distinctive design and reliable quality with all essential tools for standard panoramic imaging needs. OP 2D is part of the well-known ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHTM product family. All the essentials included • Stable 5-point patient positioning • Optimal imaging geometry • Adjustable anterior layer position with 3 positioning lights • Powerful high-frequency X-ray tubehead design • High resolution CCD imaging sensor • V-shaped collimation optimizes image quality • Versatile software tools to enhance diagnostic capabilities

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One-of-a-kind image quality Sharp and detailed images are enabled by a powerful tubehead and wide range of exposure settings that fit every patient size. A special V-shaped radiation beam is essential to overcome anatomical differences between the patients. Utilizing the OP 2D segmented pan feature enables capture of the area of interest with specific panoramic regions, while lowering patient radiation dose. The standard panoramic imaging program provides clear definition of the dental anatomy including TMJs—in only 10 seconds.

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User-friendly workflow Just 2 selections need to be made • Choose the imaging program • Select patient size Straightforward operation makes taking the panoramic image fast and easy. An integrated 5.7 inch touchscreen with remarkably user-friendly navigation is extremely simple to use. Patient positioning Intuitive 5-point patient positioning system holds the patient still during the imaging procedure to reduce movement artifacts. Three laser positioning lights make positioning accurate. The sharp layer is easily adjustable for every patient.

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The pediatric panoramic imaging program provides a reduced imaging area for pediatric and small patients. Lateral view from temporomandibular joint area with mouth closed or open. The bitewing view is a quick and easy alternative for intraoral bitewing imaging.

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Leading the way through the decades For more than 50 years, the name of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHTM system has stood for ultimate reliability and clinically correct maxillofacial imaging. Professor Y.V. Paatero publishes his first paper on Panoramic Tomography. A new member to the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ product family—OP30— is launched. Introduction of improved 3D image quality, new Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) tool and endo mode for ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP300 3D images. Volumetric Tomography (VT) is developed to maximize the performance of an ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ unit. New ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ product...

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Tube Current    6 -12 mA with 220-240 VAC (tube current limited with 100-125 VAC) Nominal Voltage    100 -125 VAC or 220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz Minimum Total Filtration    2.6 mm AI Wheelchair accessible    Yes Panoramic Image Detector Sensor Pixel Size Image Pixel Size Image Field Height Exposure Time Imaging Programs Weight Standard, Pediatric, Segmented, TMJ Lateral, Bitewing 120 kg/265 lbs Minimum System Requirements for Acquisition Workstation CPU (processor) GPU (graphics processing unit) RAM (memory) Storage (hard disk) Operating System Intel Core i3, 2-cores or more No special...

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Dental Excellence from KaVo. Handpieces KaVo has always been the leader in creating innovative solutions for dental practitioners. Our vast line of quality handpieces showcase our attention to your level of care while delivering performance that lasts. Treatment Units Beautiful lines, patient comfort and simple operation are just a few of the benefits to the line of KaVo treatment units. Everything you need to perform any procedure— all in one solution. Imaging Solutions Designed with ease-of-use for all clinicians in mind, KaVo now offers dependable and consistent imaging solutions that...

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