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Prevention according to Kerr

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Prevention according to Kerr One brand for all your prevention needs Room preparation /turnover CaviWipes Seal-Tight Prophylaxis Cleanic Operatory clean-up

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INTRODUCTION Modern dental hygiene therapy combines treatment and prevention to help patients achieve and maintain a good level of oral health. The hygienist role, which is continuous in nature, can be divided into three primary components: 1. Room prep/turnover 2. Prophylaxis 3. Operatory clean-up This prevention workflow offers an overview of Kerr and Kerr TotalCare products to help dental professionals in their role.

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ORAL PROPHYLAXIS Oral prophylaxis is at the heart of prevention and its need is set to increase in line with human longevity. It is also of particular importance in maintaining dental implants. Prevention workflow is key to the recognition, treatment and prevention of oral disease, comprising: 1. Room prep/turnover encompassing operatory cleaning, disinfection, barrier placement and patient chart assessment, as well as instrument preparation for each patient

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2. Prophylaxis from patient assessment, periodontal treatment and planning to oral hygiene instruction, scaling, cleaning and polishing 3. Operatory clean-up involving the appropriate transportation of instruments and their sterilisation, as well as waste disposal

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Breaking the ‘chain’ of infection requires practical and effective processes during dental procedures. Disease transmission requires a source of microbes, a method of transmission and exposure, an entry portal, and a susceptible host. Microbial exposure may occur through injury or contact with non-intact skin, mucosal tissue and ocular tissue, or through ingestion. A well-structured infection control programme breaks the ‘chain’ of infection by applying the concept of cleaning prior to disinfection or sterilisation and minimises the risk of exposure for patients and staff while enabling the...

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HAND HYGIENE »» Hand hygiene is the single most critical procedure in the infection control programme. »» Foam dispensed, closed-container soaps offer superior coverage using the minimum amount of product, reducing the potential for risk reactions. »» Alcohol-based solutions, gels and towelettes are increasingly available to the public. PERSONAL BARRIERS »» Routine use of personal barriers to prevent pathogens coming into contact with mucosal tissues of the eyes, oronasal mucosa, or any openings in skin, is now «standard practice». »» Gloves, face shields, eyewear, and masks protect workers...

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Bacteria colonise on the tooth structure, causing and/ or contributing to a number of the more common oral diseases, such as: • Inflammation induced in the gingival soft tissues adjacent to the gingival plaque • Carious lesions of the enamel that develop on individual tooth surfaces beneath the bacterial plaque • Periodontitis. Oral prophylaxis is the selective removal of plaque from tooth surfaces. Plaque deposits are often most extensive in the mandibular lingual embrasure of the molars and premolars, and is present in the interproximal spaces.

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Reasons for prophylaxis/teeth cleaning Prophylaxis is an excellent procedure to help keep the oral cavity in good health and halt the progression of gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Here are some of the benefits of prophylaxis: AESTHETICS It’s hard to feel confident about a smile marred by yellowing, stained teeth. Prophylaxis can rid the teeth of unsightly stains and return the smile to its former glory. TARTAR REMOVAL Tartar (calculus) and plaque buildup, both above and below the gum line, can cause serious periodontal problems if left untreated. Even using the best...

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Prophylaxis is generally performed in several stages: DIAGNOSIS (X-RAY AND EXAMINATION) Routine X-rays can be extremely revealing when it comes to periodontal disease. X-rays show the extent of bone and gum recession, and aid the dentist/hygienist in identifying areas that may need future attention. SUPRAGINGIVAL CLEANING The dentist/hygienist will thoroughly clean the area above the gum line with scaling tools to rid them of plaque and calculus. SUBGINGIVAL CLEANING This is the most important step for patients with periodontal disease because the dentist/ hygienist is able to...

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ROOT PLANING This is the smoothing of the tooth root by the dentist/hygienist to eliminate any remain ing bacteria. These bacteria are extremely dangerous to periodontitis sufferers, so eliminating them is one of the top priorities of the dentist. THERAPY Following scaling and root planing, an antibiotic or antimicrobial product is often placed in the gum pockets. This to promote fast and healthy healing in the pockets and eliminate discomfort. CLEANING AND POLISHING / AFTER A RESTORATION Smoothing of rough surfaces, elimination of “overhangs” of fillings.

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The saliva in our mouths contains bacteria, forming colourless, sticky colonies (known as plaque) on all surfaces and under the gum line. If plaque is not effectively removed through brushing and interdental cleaning, it becomes a hard deposit called tartar (calculus). Calculus can only be removed by a dental professional. The toxins produced by these bacteria can irritate and inflame the gums resulting in the early stages of periodontal disease (gingivitis). Over time, the tissue and bone that support the tooth are progressively destroyed and teeth may fall out or need to be extracted;...

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