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COMPOSITE POLISHER PROGLOSS™ SINGLE STEP COMPOSITE POLISHER Half the Time With No Compromise The Kerr ProGloss Polisher is a one step polishing system for all types of composite restorations. Achieve a high surface luster faster in one simple step. The multiple use polishing system, easy to handle and highly time saving, is designed for either wet or dry applications, guaranteeing excellent results every time. • Advance formulations designed for today’s composite materials • Multiple use – One Step Polisher – Reduces chair time • Flexible design for control and contact with the polishing surface “One system, ProGloss, yielded this result with one step and in approximately half the time.” - Dental Advisor, see back for details. Shank Pack Superior Results Compared to All Other One Step Polishers Tested Surface roughness and bacterial retention: Some in vivo studies suggested a threshold surface roughness for bacterial retention (Ra=0.2 μm) below which no further reduction in bacterial accumulation could be expected. An increase in surface roughness above this threshold roughness, however, resulted in a simultaneous increase in plaque accumulation, thereby increasing the risk for both caries and periodontal inflammation. (Curd M.L.Bollen et al, 1997). Ra: arithmetic average of the absolute values of the collected roughness data points sRa: arithmetic average of the absolute values of the collected surface roughness data points REFERENCE SURFACE OptiDisc Coarse/Medium Proven results: In the study below*, the surface roughness parameter sRa was calculated on the entire measuring area, reflecting the mean value of almost 200 measurements per specimen. Surfaces were measured with an FRT MicroProf, equipped with a chromatic aberration, halogen lamp. (measurements done by FRT Suisse AG, 2009) Considering such aspects as effectiveness, adaptability, dry run capabilities and wear the ProGloss Polisher performs better than all other polishers tested. (Laboratory testing, 2009). TREATED SURFACE WITH SINGLE STEP POLISHER* *Data on file: ProGloss™ - Kerr • OptraPol - Vivadent • Komet 1 step Polisher - Gebr. Brasseler • Jazz - SS White • Enhance & PoGo - Dentsply ** two step polisher, according to manufacturer instructions for use.

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Translating the Science Number 30.b - April, 2016 Gloss Measurements: How They Are Made and What They Mean Ron Yapp, M.S., J. M. Powers, Ph. D., Matt Cowen, B.S. Dental Consultants, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan Purpose: The purpose of this study was to compare the gloss of a dental restorative composite finished and polished utilizing several popular systems. Introduction: Esthetics of a restoration can make the difference between a satisfied and displeased customer. Finishing and polishing are key components of the final esthetic of the delivered restoration. For...

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