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X-Ray Aprons

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X-Ray Aprons PREVENTIVE ACCESSORIES Panoramic Apron Best used for: Patients who are required to stand for X-Rays. Availible in multiple colors Light-weight lead-free aprons from Kerr™ TotalCare offer the same protection as leaded aprons at 6080KV but are 37% lighter. No-Collar Microfiber Apron Lead-free X-Ray aprons contain Best used for: When a collar is not needed. microfiber that does not feel cold to the touch. Smooth microfiber is easier Availible in multiple colors to clean and more comfortable than Collared Apron Integrated thyroid collars available Best used for: Thyroid protection. to shield the thyroid gland from traditional vinyl covering. radiation. Choose from different Availible in multiple colors styles and sizes to match your needs. Light weight lead free Aprons from Kerr™ TotalCare offer the same protection as leaded aprons. Lighter and more comfortable for the patient, they are designed for comfort and easy maintenance. Features: • Lighter weight. • More comfortable than traditional lead aprons. • Corduroy backing helps reduce slipping. • Integrated thyroid collar shields the thyroid gland from radiation. For more information on aprons, visit or call 1-800-KERR-123. MKT-17-0419 ©2017 Metrex Research, LLC. All Rights

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1. Place apron carefully over patient, being sure to provide appropriate coverage to the patient. Care should be taken to insure that the proper size is used and that all critical areas are fully covered. If apron has Velcro, be sure apron is fastened and securely closed. 2. Adjust collar to be close-fitting around neck and secure with Velcro. 3. Secure Panoramic Apron with Velcro in front of the patient. Remove any debris. Clean with soap and water or a foaming carpet cleaner of your choice. Avoid the use of bleach, alkali detergents, alcohol or alcohol-based cleaning detergents. The...

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