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Rotary_Digital_Catalog_2017 - 2 800.KERR.123 (537.7123) Kerr Corporation, 1717 W. Collins Ave., Orange, CA 92867

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Kerr Restoratives Kerr Endodontics Kerr TotalCare Kerr Rotary SonicFill™ • Demi™ Ultra • Optibond™ • Herculite™ Ultra • Take 1™ Advanced™ • Temp-Bond™ • CaviCide™ TF™ Adaptive • EndoVac™ • Elements™Free • SoftCore™ • Identic • Bib-Eze • SmartStrips™ Kerr believes that dentistry is both a science and an art. We also believe that being a successful dentist means mastering ever-advancing knowledge, embracing new tools of technology, and steering a growing business in a rapidly changing healthcare market. At Kerr, we’re here to help you navigate this challenging environment. Together, we become...

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Restoratives | Endodontics | Rotary | TotalCare LOYALTY ESTABLISHED SUCCESS. PROGRAM EXTRAORDINARY REWARDS. Become part of an elite group eligible for our most exclusive, rewarding program. As a Kerr Loyalty Program member, you will be among a select few who will benefit from an industry-leading program offering a vast range of award-winning products. From your Kerr favorites to new product innovations, we will supply you and your practice what you need to provide the best in dental care. So that together, we’re more. Industry-Leading Benefits So much more than rewards • Year-end, cash-back...

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dozens of products that enable you to perfect your craft and ensure optimal patient outcomes. At Kerr, we’re here to help during each stage of the process. From prep to finish, our portfolio of rotary products empowers you to get consistent, high quality results. ROTARY PRODUCTS From restorations to root canals, we know you work with

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RESTORATIONS | DIRECT OR INDIRECT Material Direct Restoration Removal of Existing Restoration Nano Prep™ Diamonds - pg 50 Removing Decay Turbo Crown Cutters™ - pg 79 Indirect Restoration Nano Prep™ Diamonds - pg 50 Metal Cutting Carbides - pg 30 High Noble (Gold) Turbo Crown Cutters - pg 79 Metal Cutting Carbides - pg 30 Carbide Crown Remover - pg 30

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OFFICE ORGANIZATION | PERSONALIZE YOUR PRACTICE Custom Bur Blocks Personalized Bur Blocks put your practice info and favorite part numbers on autoclavable aluminum block to simplify procedure preparations. 7 block styles, available in 4 different colors. How it works: 1. Select the number of burs and shank types 2. Select the block that best holds those burs 3.Personalize the block with text and part numbers 4. Select color of block (blue, red, green or black) Personal/ze Your # Practice™ This program helps your dental practice to be more efficient, saving you time and money! This program...

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CUSTOM ORGANIZATION SYSTEM | OFFICE ORGANIZATION Custom Cabinet Organizers Custom cabinet and drawer organizers come labeled with your Kerr Dental and Dealer product codes. A product image and color coded tabs make finding the correct bur easier. Features: • Store and organize rotary instruments of all sizes • Great for any size dental office or laboratory • Organizers are labeled with your product codes • Organizers can be mounted on the wall • Large contains 39 drawers • Medium contains 22 drawers Custom Drawer Organizers Our Custom Drawer Organizer is small enough to fit in a drawer, in...

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LOGIC SETS Logic Sets contain essential rotary instruments of popular shapes and sizes. Each Logic Set contains a selection of rotary instruments necessary to complete a common procedure, from prep to finish.

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INDIRECT RESTORATIVE - PREP | LOGIC SETS Reverse Preparation Set - LS-7551 The Reverse Preparation technique is designed to ensure adequate reduction, making margin preparation as simple as possible. FG shanks. Crown and Bridge Set - LS-7559 This set allows the dentist to create consistent, high quality preparations through the use of depth cutting for feldspathic, pressed ceramic, aluminous, and zirconium all ceramic restorations. Laminate Veneer Set - LS-7554 Contains the instruments necessary to create exquisite pressed and feldspathic porcelain veneer preparations that will have...

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LOGIC SETS | INDIRECT RESTORATIVE - PREP LVI Esthetic Preparation Set - LS-7541 The LVI Esthetic Preparation Set contains the necessary instruments for esthetic preparations and finishing as taught by LVI faculty clinicians. Sold exclusively through Patterson Dental. SHANK SHANK SHANK SHANK SHANK SHANK Modified Shoulder Set - LS-7512 Contains the necessary diamonds to prepare and finish modified shoulder crown and bridge preparations. Crown Removal Set - LS-102 This Logic Set features instruments for removing crown and bridge restorations. Contains diamonds for cutting through porcelain and...

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INDIRECT RESTORATIVE - PREP | LOGIC SETS Chamfer Preparations Set - LS-7513 Contains the necessary diamonds to prepare and finish rounded gingival margins for porcelain fused to metal restorations. Axial Reduction Set - LS-7544 The diamonds in this set are self-limiting, precise, depth cutting burs. There is no guesswork or “eyeballing” required on any surface reduction. This set is designed to insure proper and predictable tooth preparation and reduction, resulting in better restorations. Veneer Preparation Set - LS-7525 Contains the necessary instruments for veneer preparations. Aesthetic...

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LOGIC SETS | INDIRECT RESTORATIVE - ADJUSTMENT & POLISH BruxZir ® Adjustment and Polishing Set - LS-7579 The BruxZir® Adjustment and Polishing set contains three special ZIR-CUT™ diamond shapes, which help reduce the risk of chipping or creating micro-fractures, allowing you to smoothly adjust zirconia. This set also contains two ZIR-CUT zirconia polishing cups to finish with a high polish shine. BruxZir ® Adjustment and Polishing Set CeraGlaze® Porcelain Adjusting and Polishing Lab Set - LS-911 This extra-oral Logic Set contains the three essential polishers needed to achieve the most...

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