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Maxcem Elite™ | Maxcem Elite™ Chroma | OptiBond™ Universal

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Achieve reliable outcomes with the versatile OptiBond Universal and Maxcem Cement System. The combination of OptiBond™ Universal adhesive with Maxcem Cement provides bond compatibility with various dental substrates for all indirect procedures, but the pair also ensures high strength and a simplified protocol for more confident results.

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Maxcem Elite Chroma Maxcem Elite Self-Etch, Self Adhesive Resin Cement Self-Etch, Self-Adhesive Resin Cement Maxcem resin cement is simplicity refined – with high bond strengths, predictable handling and exceptional ease-of-use – offering you best Smart Color Cleanup Indicator in class adhesion. Compatible with all indirect restorations, anterior Maxcem Elite Chroma provides a color cleanup indicator in or posterior ceramics, PFMs, metal restorations, and CAD/CAM block which its pink color fades at the gel state to let you know the optimal time to cleanup excess cement. One-Peel™ cleanup,...

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Maxcem Cement Paired with OptiBond Universal Technique Guide I. Restoration Preparation II. Adhesive Application Optional Demi™ Demi™ Plus Demi™ Ultra IV. One Peel Cleanup II. Preparation and Cementation Procedure 11 Self-cure Maxcem Elite Chroma Maxcem Cement Maxcem Cement 13 Self-cure Maxcem Elite Demi™ Demi™ Plus Demi™ Ultra Demi™ Demi™ Plus Demi™ Ultra Ordering Information OptiBond Universal 36517 OptiBond Universal Bottle Kit 36518 OptiBond Universal Unidose (100 Pack) 36519 OptiBond Universal Bottle Refill 26909 Gel Etchant Dispensing Tips (30 Pack) 31297 Etchant Refill Pack Gel...

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