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ADVANCED MOISTURE BALANCE Model FD800 Tomorrow's Testing, Today ! 1-800-438-5388

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FD800 Advanced Moisture Balance For Optimum Drying - Even on Difficult Products Dual Temperature Control The FD800 is the premier moisture balance in our product line. It is controlled by a revolutionary dual temperature sensor method which provides unsurpassed accuracy and precision - - even on products that have historically created problems for loss on drying methods. Infrared Monitor Side View A conventional moisture balance measures the ambient temperature within the drying chamber and then regulates heating based on that measured value. While this control method historically provided...

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FD800 Dual Temperature Control Moisture Balance - 3

Data Logging Software (Optional) Major Features Advanced Temperature Control In addition to a conventional ambient monitor (T1), the FD800 utilizes a unique sample temperature monitor. Windows Direct1 Connection allows any PC to communicate with the FD800 and automatically transfer measurement data to Excel Shortened Drying Time The dual-mode temperature control substantially reduces drying cycle time. High Precision Measurement Measurement accuracy is optimized as samples do not get scorched. Unibloc(1) Balance This balance has superior response, temperature stability and shock resistance....

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Data Collection An optional thermal printer allows you to record test parameters, data output and drying curves to expedite program optimization. As previously mentioned, by using the optional serial or USB data cable test data can be automatically directed to Excel or any other Microsoft Office product. Specifications Printout Example KET7 BXCTKIC LABORATORY Mod*! : rD 000 i'W : AG60000 ID : KETTOOOI Cod* : A-CR I Doto/Tbao : 2007.10.07/16:46 I Condi(Ion ' 00 I Unit : Uot Baso Moist. Two. awd* : T2 I Mod* : Auto 3*ttln«T«>*. : I TOC I Auto StO* Cond. : O.D5\ I Bias : 0.00s Ual-Kasi...

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