EXPLORIS EcoPlus® – the energy-efficient fume cupboard - 2 Pages

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EXPLORIS EcoPlus®  – the energy-efficient fume cupboard

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EXPLORIS EcoPlus®-the energy-effi cient fume cupboard PROVEN SAFETY AT 250 m3/h -WITHOUT AUXILIARY AIRFLOW > Fulfills demanding robustness test requirements without expensive accessory air supply EVEN MORE ECONOMICAL, THANKS TO LOW AIR CONSUMPTION > Reduces fume cupboard operating costs by up to 30 % > Lowers purchase costs for the exhaust system PROVEN EXPLORIS TouchTronic® FOR EASY AND RELIABLE OPERATION > All safety-related information visible at a glance > Intuitive operation of the automatic sash > Integrated socket timers for precise power switching EXEMPLARY SUSTAINABILITY > Low air consumption for low environmental impact > Steel construction for durability and trouble-free disposal

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The EXPLORIS EcoPlus® a new standard for fume cupboards MORE SAFETY > EN 14175-3 (2004) raised the bar for the safety of laboratory fume cupboards even higher. In the demanding robustness test, fume cupboards must demonstrate that they can effectively contain harmful gases despite external disturbances. > Köttermann manages to meet the strict German BG RCI limits, by achieving a volume flow rate of just 250 m3/h per metre of fume cupboard width. Highly effective protection with remarkably low air consumption. Fume cupboard: Köttermann EXPLORIS EcoPlus®, 1.500 mm, 375 m /h ppm 3,4 BG RCI...

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