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Your partner for laboratory furniture Köttermann has more than 60 years of experience and commitment to draw on in helping you to make your research and work successful. Today we are already developing the laboratory of the future as a custom-designed system.

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 5

WE DO OUR BEST TO HELP YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL We will work together with you to meet your individual laboratory requirements. QUALITY “MADE IN GERMANY” Our original small workshop has become a globally active enterprise. We have developed our Systemlabor EXPLORIS® exclusively in Germany. This is where we can both set and satisfy the highest levels of technical standards for you. Our laboratory furniture consists of high-tech products and ensures a high level of protection for your investment. And we provide our manufacturer‘s guarantee for this. “We care about your safety”. This is not just a...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 6

A trusting partnership Partnership is where it all begins – but for us it never ends. Together with you we develop intelligent solutions for your laboratory. You can put your trust in us.

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 7

together as one Our company’s many years of experience together with the comprehensive know-how of our employees have made us the leading innovator in the industry. You can benefit from this expert knowledge. Expertise creates space Köttermann develops optimum furniture solutions for laboratories, but we are also grateful to our customers for providing their crucial input because we know that all laboratories are different. Our laboratory system is carefully thought out down to the last detail. The proof is in thousands of laboratories worldwide with which we have conducted successful...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 8

»This has really paid off for us« Ronald Kars Laboratory Manager Neste Oil, Netherlands Premium quality and professional know-how “Neste Oil chose to be supplied by Köttermann because of the superior quality of its laboratory furniture. Köttermann's fire protection materials really stood out for us as well. Köttermann's commitment to environmental protection as well as its excellent project management also played a large part in helping us to make a final choice of supplier. The professional know-how of Köttermann's experts helped us to keep our costs down in a sustainable way across many...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 9

Providing service and solutions worldwide “We were not sure whether Köttermann would be able to fulfil our stringent requirements in relation to quality, health protection, safety and environmental protection. But it was already clear from our very first discussion with them that Köttermann’s innovative technology could meet our expectations for the future. Experts who are always ready to help, detailed information, together with long-lasting and effective product quality, all go to prove that Köttermann is currently the best choice for us! We are also very happy with their follow-up care...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 10

A fully personal service for you Our team Many faces combine to make a single vision – that of Köttermann. Hidden behind the united team are many different people and characters. Working together we start each day afresh to achieve our most important objective: to provide you with the very best products and services in the field of laboratory systems.

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 11

Every member of our team, from the trainee to the boss has a duty to serve our customers with motivation, hard work and personal expertise. This means that we all feel we are bound by our company's tradition of maintaining our unwavering values. From left to right: ed Beilby (Technical Advisor), Knut Lischka (Director Research & Development), Birgit Morgenstern T (Senior Planner – Laboratory Design and Engineering), Andreas Berger (Director National Sales), Sandra Wieczorek (Trainee Marketing), Dr. Frank Buchholz (Product Manager), Frank Pistor (Director Customer Service), Habib Heni...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 12

We are there wherever you need us

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 13

Available for you on site right across the world Wherever in the world you call home, we are there too. We have subsidiaries in eleven European countries and authorised distributors in every region of the world. Who could give you better service than our experienced specialists who are familiar with the specific requirements in your own country? Superbly networked with our Head Office in Germany they plan your laboratory in accordance with the relevant national regulations and organise the whole of the project management directly with your site. This means that Köttermann is always there...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 15

OUR COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Quality is not a one-off event. It is something that lasts and it is something reciprocal. Learn more about Köttermann Integrated Quality and how you can benefit from it. Köttermann Integrated Quality Working from a position of strength Quality is a necessity and a promise. It has been a fundamental part of the Köttermann company history for over 60 years. This is reflected in a comprehensive approach: Köttermann Integrated Quality unites all the quality aspects that we stringently adhere to on a company level as well as a product level and it illustrates their...

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 16

Experience it every day Köttermann Integrated Quality is like a living organism. It is strong and full of life as are all its individual components. To remain this way it requires constant monitoring, clear communication and interaction, as well as constant review. We make sure we achieve this by working together. We have set about proving the quality of our products every day for 60 years.

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EXPLORIS® – Our new Systemlabor - 17

COMPANY Tradition, values, responsibility Premium productS Meeting all technical standards and guidelines, providing a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 20 years CUSTOMERS Dialogue, advice, understanding Development and Manufacturing Made in Germany, steel construction, highest standards EMPLOYEES Code of conduct, creativity, further qualification Project Management and Service Certified installers, financing SUPPLIERS AND Distributors Continuity, trust, partnership Sustainability Environmental protection and protection of resources DIN EN ISO 14001

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