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Laboratory furniture

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Köttermann Laboratory Furniture. Functional and flexible.

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We fulfill your requirements. An integrated furnishing concept. Subject to technical modifications Status: May 2018

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Contents 02 Overview of laboratory furniture 04 Tall storage cabinets 07 Underbench cabinets 10 Wall-mounted and top-mounted cabinets 13 Cell cabinets 16 Worktops 20 Single benches and frames 23 Basins and sinks 25 Accessories

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Overview of laboratory furniture Laboratories for the future – with safety The EXPLORIS® laboratory from KÖTTERMANN is the result of creativity plus innovation – intelligent furnishing solutions, created to determine exact analysis values and ensure an outstanding product quality. The unique modular system always forms a functional, shapely and ergonomically well-designed unit. Everything is designed to facilitate and economically optimize work processes in the laboratory. Perfectly designed down to the smallest detail – highly flexible – combinable – easily exchangeable and retrofittable...

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Equipment Options - Cabinets Material: electrolytically galvanized steel – recyclable – robust and durable – reduces the fire load Drawer dividers Coating with optimal UV and chemical resistance Different front variants Maximum storage space even in small laboratories With and without lock Large number of variations Height adjustment Fast production / short delivery times With shelves, drawers and pull-outs Flexible interior design – partially with glass doors Independent certifications Quality – double-shell, sound-insulated door and drawer fronts Smooth and quiet – comfort pull-outs with...

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Tall storage cabinets Storage space with many extras

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Dimensions Tall storage cabinets Tall storage cabinets Dimensions in mm Height    Carcass depth With hinged doors    -    600    900    1    200    1    920 With sliding glass doors    -    -    900    1    200    1    920 With pull-out doors    300    600    -    -    1 920

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Open shelf Hinged doors Sliding glass doors Display cabinet Wardrobe cabinet Pull-out doors (pharmacy cabinet) In order for everything to find its place in the laboratory, EXPLORIS® tall storage cabinets can be individually configured. EXPLORIS® offers a comprehensive range of tall storage cabinets so everything fits in the laboratory. The spectrum ranges from open shelves to cabinets with hinged or sliding glass doors, as well as to display and wardrobe cabinets. The flexibility of the interior is demonstrated by the numerous options that are available, such as height adjustable shelves...

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Underbench cabinets Contents well stowed and ready to hand

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Dimensions Underbench cabinets Underbench cabinets Dimensions in mm Width    Height With steel pedestal    450    600    900    1200    720    870 With steel pedestal    for front sinks 300    -    -    -    720    870 Carcass depth

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Special cabinets – installation cabinets – waste collector – for office utensils – corner cabinets Where to go with all the things you need in the lab? It is best to have them at hand directly under the worktop. Mobile as a cabinet on castors, suspended in frames or with steel pedestal – EXPLORIS® underbench cabinets offer customized storage space. An individual worktop substructure is possible due to the various types of KÖTTERMANN underbench cabinets. In this way, comfortable seating niches or full surface substructures with underbench cabinets for an optimal space utilization are...

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Wall- and top-mounted cabinets Tidyinstead of overfilled

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Dimensions Top-mounted cabinets 900 / 1 200 Wall and top-mounted cabinets Dimensions in mm Height    Carcass depth Top-mounted cabinet for tall storage cabinet Wall-mounted cabinet to be mounted between the columns at island benches Wall-mounted cabinets with hinged doors Wall-mounted cabinet with sliding glass doors First aid cabinet Installation cabinet

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Wall-mounted cabinet – as open shelf, with hinged doors or with sliding glass doors – as installation cabinet for cable bushing – as first aid cabinet Top-mounted cabinet for tall storage cabinets – as open shelf or with hinged doors Cell cabinets for island benches – open – with hinged doors – with sliding glass doors First aid cabinet Installation cabinet Even with little laboratory space, there is still room at the top for the storage of work material. EXPLORIS® wall- and top-mounted cabinets make optimal use of this space and solve any space problem. Wall-mounted cabinets are mounted...

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Cell cabinets Transparency at island benches

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Dimensions Cell cabinets Cell cabinets Dimensions in mm Width    Height    Carcass depth With hinged doors    600    900    1200    1500    480    630    450 With sliding glass doors    -    900    1200    1500    480    630    450

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Open on both sides Two hinged doors Two sliding glass doors EXPLORIS® cell cabinets can be mounted between the columns. The special feature is that the access is possible from both sides, as long as it is an island bench. The cell cabinets create valuable storage space for reagents, laboratory material and small devices via the service cell workstations. Cell cabinets are available with open design, hinged doors or sliding glass doors. The glass doors create a light, transparent look. A closed front creates a uniform and orderly overall appearance. Grid height – exterior: 480 mm, 630 mm –...

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