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Safe working, pure silence, advanced ergonomics Microbiological Safety Cabinet class II EN 12469 certified by TÜV

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Microbiological Safety Cabinet class II Silent working conditions as a standard feature Save your brain, concentrate on work European Agency for Safety and Health at work has made work related noise one of its main themes. Current Microbiological Safety Cabinets have high noise levels and the EN norm settles for under 65 dB(A). Noise is undesired and unpleasant for workers. It puts load on brains and can harm physically and mentally. High sound level not only affects hearing, stress level and blood pressure but also weakens concentration, creativity and comprehension. Kojair Tech Oy has...

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The most ergonomic cabinet on the market The Golden Line Ergosilence cabinet has an adjustable electric base stand for easy working height adjustment. The workstation has been redesigned – the slanting desk top allows the operator's arms to rest in comfortable positions. The gel arm pad makes it simple to find the correct working position. The perforated front edge is inclined to prevent the operator from blocking the airflow. The rear wall perforation is covered with a strip to prevent accidental shut-off of airflow with laboratory tools. The operator’s safety is enhanced. The EC...

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Technical details and options 414 A Biowizard Golden Line Exhaust duct location A Lighting (W) Weight (incl. base, kg) Power consumption, from (W) Transport height with base 1990 mm, without base 1440 mm Ask for customized applications for your special needs; microscopes, IVF, weighing, isotope solutions etc. Technical details • PCB interface for service info • Slanted electrical front window • UV usage hour center • Constant measurement of the airflow velocities • Smooth touch user interface with a real time clock • Double socket with socket / UV socket timers • Plugged holes in side...

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