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3-filter technology cytotoxics DIN 12980, microbiology EN 12469 Extra safe working with a sound of silence Microbiological Safety Cabinet class II DIN 12980 certified by TÜV EN 12469 certified by TÜV

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Designed for working with hazardous materials Safety Installed H14 Pre-filters (EN 1822): • Filter change with minimum contamination risk (DIN 12980) • Filter size suitable for autoclave • Individually scannable filters Silence • Most silent on the market • Under 56 dB (A) [Biowizard 130 Xtra] High quality materials Solid construction Nice lines, good looking curves Designed and manufactured in Finland Service and maintenance • All maintenance work from front Easy cleaning • Easy cleanable frameless front glass • Smooth surfaces without any screws or nuts • Stainless steel bottom sink with...

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Silent working conditions European Agency for Safety and Health at Work has made work related noise one of its main themes. Current Cytotoxic- and Microbiological Safety Cabinets have high noise levels. Noise is undesired and unpleasant for workers. It does put load on brain and can harm physically and mentally. High sound level not only affects hearing, stress level and blood pressure but also weakens concentration, creativity and comprehension. Kojair Tech Oy has developed 3-filter technology Safety Cabinets according to DIN 12980 / EN 12469 with sound levels under 56 dB(A). Practical...

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Technical details and options Biowizard Xtra Line Exhaust fitting location from left [A] Weight (incl. base, kg) Air volumes (m /h) Recirculation Exhaust = In flow 0,45 m/s ˆ Total * Also possible for 220 - 240 VAC Transport height with base 1998 mm Technical details • Adjustable base stand • V-shaped front grill • Media valve installation channels • Slanted electrical front window • Smooth touch user interface with a real time clock • PCB interface for service info • Programmable service interval signal • Versatile UV features Options • Exhaust connection fitting • Potential free...

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