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• Safe • Silent • Saving energy Microbiological Safety Cabinet class II EN 12469 certified by

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Microbiological Safety Cabinet class II certified according to EN 12469 • Safe • Silent • Saving energy Non-compromising safety • Kojair always puts safety first, we never take risks by minimizing the flows. • All the flows in the cabinet are set to levels, ensuring the safety of the user, environment and operation. (Typical downflow 0,4 m/s). • Acoustic and visual alarms in any failure of air flows and in a false front window position. • Uniform laminar airflow (mean value even ±5%) over the whole working area secures safe operation. Excellent ergonomics • Silent and comfortable sound...

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Silver LINE - 3

Kojair ergonomics ensure safe and practical working conditions. Installation • The cabinet will easily fit through common 80 cm wide door openings. • The height of the working surface can be set to 700 mm, 800 mm or 900 mm. • Exhaust ducting connection (optional), selectable to fixed or thimble type. Maintenance • All maintenance can be performed from the front. Accessibility developed by new cover structure. • Easy performance of annual testing procedures. • Longer filter lifetime because of thicker filter material. Easy to clean • All surfaces are smooth without any screws or crevices....

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Dimensions and Features Biowizard Silver Line Blue Series Total width (mm) B Working space (mm) • Exhaust duct location A Standard lighting (W) light level up to Weight incl. base (kg) Power consumption from (W) Transport height with base 1990 mm, without base 1440 mm Optional features • Adjustable electric base stand • Gas tap with safety valve • Exhaust duct connector, fixed/thimble type • Extra electric socket • Extra efficient light tubes (2 x 55 W) • External movable armrests • Antiflow back valve • UV light with magnets • Potential free signals Kojair Tech Oy Teollisuustie 3 FI-35700...

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