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Microscopes - 2

KRÜSS MICROSCOPES As a company with a long-standing tradition, A.KRÜSS has set the goal for itself of offering top quality and an excellent value for money. We build instruments providing the performance and reliability buyers can depend on in the long run. The solid weight of the microscopes ensures stability even in harsh environments and the long-lasting precision engineering ensures quality work in the laboratory for many years to come. Take advantage of over 200 years of tradition and experience. The 3-year warranty on the housing, optics and mechanics shows that A.KRÜSS truly believes...

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Microscopes - 3

Stereo microscopes Laboratory microscopes Key microscope features: T Tri nocular/phototube PL Planach romatic objectives PH Phase contrast feature B Blood test setup K Cold light source On request, we are of course happy to build a microscope customised to meet your specific needs.

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Microscopes - 4

LIGHT MICROSCOPY The microscope was invented around 1600 in the Netherlands and has undergone continuous development ever since. With the advent of electron microscopes, light microscopes have been declared dead numerous times.Yet these predictions have proven overly hasty. Just as before, biologists and physicians appreciate the easyto-use light microscopes thanks to their natural images and the ability to observe living tissue. Composite light microscopes consist of two lens systems: one eyepiece toward the eye and one toward the object-side objective. The objectives are the most...

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Microscopes - 5

A strong start MML monocular - compact and inexpensive Monocular microscopes are ideal for many applications in the laboratory, teaching and production. All models have 45° inclined viewing and 360° rotating optical head. The sturdy metal tripod ensures high stability and the option to choose between coarse and fine adjustment facilitates precise working. The microscopes are equipped with integrated illumination. Power supply: 230 V (115 V optional). A wide range of accessories is available for all models.

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Microscopes - 6

The robust Allrounder MBL2000 - The laboratory microscope for all applications Robust and universal. This model is ideal for general microscopy in laboratories, schools and universities. The MBL2000 offers an extensive range of add-on options: for example, with phase-contrast setting, a dark-field condenser, micrometre setup, planachromatic objectives and additional eyepieces. A binocular optical head offers inclined viewing and interocular adjustment. A wide range of accessories is available for all models. • Dioptre compensation with compensation scale • Sturdy metal stand • Coarse and...

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Microscopes - 7

PL Planach romatic objectives PH Phase contrast feature B Blood test setup

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Microscopes - 8

Multicultural in the lab MBL3200 - Inverted microscope for biology and medicine The inverted microscope is specially designed for the identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures. The lenses have a large working distance making it possible, for example, to examine samples through the bottom of Petri dishes. The photo and C-mount video adapter lets you connect SLR and video cameras. • Stage size (WxDxH): 160x250x20 mm • Width with mounted XY stage: 300 mm • Movement range of XY stage: 80x118 mm • Object field diameter: 5.5 mm with 4x/NA 0.10 2.2 mm with 10x/NA 0.25 0.55...

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Microscopes - 9

Impeccable view of detailed structures MBL3300 - Metallurgical incident light microscope The MBL3300 is a real specialist. It is a perfect instrument for the identification and analysis of steel connections and other metals. It is also ideal for quality assessment, raw material analysis and examining metal structures following heat treatment. This metallurgical microscope is particularly well suited for laboratory and industrial applications. It is equipped with a phototube for connecting a camera or a video recorder. • Object field diameter:: 3.6 mm with 5x/NA 0.13 1.8 mm with 10x/NA 0.25...

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Microscopes - 10

Fantastic perspective for small budgets MSL4000 - stereo microscopes MSL4000 series stereo microscopes offer an optimal value for money. Thanks to the wide range of accessories and different eyepieces, these microscopes are suitable for a wide range of applications. All microscopes have a 45° inclined viewer piece, an eye-distance adjustment and dioptre adjustment.The metal casing is sturdy and durable. To allow you the option for working anywhere without having to depend on any external power supply, some of the MSL microscopes have a battery providing a user-friendly 25 hours of power. •...

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Microscopes - 11

Zoom in: sharpness for professionals MSZ5000 - stereo microscopes have an impressive zoom range A robust zooming stereo microscope for the professional examination of electronics, precision engineering, plastics and medical products. The microscope is used for inspection, assembly, analysis, for soldering and polishing and finishing - an excellent tool for quality control. The large zoom range, large working distance and broad depth of field facilitates very comfortable work in many areas. It offers continuously variable magnification with 7-45x total zoom. The rugged metal housing makes it...

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Microscopes - 12

The stereo microscopes from the KSW4000 series (each with 1x and 3x objectives) are ideal for inspecting diamonds and gemstones. The magnification factor is 10x and 30x (optional 20x and 60x). The rugged metal housing facilitates reliable work, even in harsh conditions. These microscopes are equipped with wide-range power units (90-240 V or 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz). The microscopes of this series are equipped with a dark-field, objective turret and stone pincers. All models have power-saving, long-lasting LED illumination. Also available in options with twin-arm light conductor, cuvette and...

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Microscopes - 13

The KSW5000 series consists of three models that are based on the MSZ5000 or MSZ5000-T. They offer a continuously variable magnification setting with 7-45x total zoom factor. The rugged metal housing facilitates reliable working, even in difficult environments. The voltage of the microscopes of this series are available in 115 or 230 V models; switching the voltage is not possible. The power supply is not reversible. The microscopes of this series are equipped with dark-field and stone holders, some also including a cuvette table and polarisation feature. T Tri nocular/phototube K Cold...

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