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CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY, MADE IN GERMANY A.KRUSS Optronic is a leading manufacturer of high-precision measuring devices and analytical instruments. The family enterprise founded in 1796 offers an extensive range of products and customised solutions for quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage industry as well as for research and science. Whether it is a refractometer, polarimeter, density meter, gas analyser, flame photometer, melting point meter or microscope - our instruments meet the highest requirements in terms of speed, accuracy and...

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2014 2005 The daughter of Martina Krüss-Leibrock, Karin Leibrock, joins the management ••••••••• A.KRÜSS Optronic is awarded with the “Top 100” seal of approval for especially innovative mid-sized companies 2000 A.KRÜSS Optronic launches a refractometer featuring a fully automatic data acquisition Andres Krüss’daughter, Martina Krüss-Leibrock, is the seventh generation to take over the A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH. She makes important advances in the internationalisation of the company A.KRÜSS Optronic is the first company in this sector to offer measuring devices and analytical instruments with a...

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THE WORLD OF REFRACTOMETRY Whether it is the pharmaceutical, chemical, food or beverage industry, the producers of aromas, scents and essential oils, the petrochemical, metalworking or the automobile industry – refractometers play an important role in all of these industries to provide quality assurance. They determine the refractive index of liquid or solid substances from which you can deduce their identity and quality as well as their concentration in binary or quasi-binary mixtures. It also allows you read the progress of reactions and material conversions. Refractometers are used in a...

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DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS – DR6000-T MODELS MEASURING ALL LIQUIDS AND PASTES We developed the digital refractometers of the DR6000 model series in close cooperation with well-known partners from industry and research. They deliver highly accurate and reproducible measurement results, offer the option to work semi and fully automatically and are easily integrated into existing processes in the laboratory. There are four different models available for different requirements on accuracy, resolution and measurement range whereby you can access the same operation and functionality. The...

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DR6300-T with integrated Peltier temperature control PELTIER TEMP. CONTROL TEMP. COMPENSATION TEMPERATURE CONTROL With integrated Peltier temperature control TEMP. CONTROL RANGE ACCURACY OF TEMP. CONTROL TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION Can be activated (ICUMSA or freely definable) SCALES MEASUREMENT RANGE MEASUREMENT ACCURACY RESOLUTION MEASUREMENT PERIOD MEASUREMENT PRISM LIGHT SOURCE Refractive index (nD) concentration of sucrose, glucose, fructose and invert sugar [%Brix], User-defined nD 1.3200–1.5800 0–95 %Brix

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DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS – DR6000 MODELS MEASURING SUGARY SAMPLES The DR6000 models are especially suited for highly accurate measurements of products from the sugar industry. All their features are identical with our DR6000-T models but do not feature an internal Peltier temperature control. Instead of temperature control, the temperature compensation according to ICUMSA can be used. With the help of this already implemented conversion function, the concentration level [% Brix] at the measuring temperature is converted (compensated) to the value at a standard temperature of 20 °C. If needed,...

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DR6200 temperature controlled with an external thermostat TEMP. COMPENSATION THERMOSTAT TEMP. CONTROL TEMPERATURE CONTROL Without a sample temperature control, you can connect a thermostat for the temperature control TEMP. CONTROL RANGE ACCURACY OF TEMP. CONTROL TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION SCALES MEASUREMENT RANGE MEASUREMENT ACCURACY RESOLUTION MEASUREMENT PERIOD MEASUREMENT PRISM LIGHT SOURCE Can be activated (ICUMSA or freely definable) Refractive index (nD) concentration of sucrose, glucose, fructose and invert sugar [%Brix], User-defined nD 1.3200 –1.5800 0–95 %Brix

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A STRONG PERFORMANCE PACKAGE■ UNLIMITED NUMBER OF METHODS ■ Measurement modes: single, continuous or interval measurement■ ■ Method parameters such as scales, temperature, temperature compensation, sample supply, limit values, comments■ ■ Alarm option for monitoring the limit values of standards and samples■ ■ Pre-defined scales such as %Brix sucrose, %Brix invert sugar, %Brix glucose, %Brix fructose■ ■ More than 100 additional scales available on request■ ■ Any number of freely definable scales with conversions based on tables or formulas such as m%, Vol.-%, g/cm³, °Oe, dry substance,...

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TEMPERATURE CONTROL AS REQUIRED ■■ With internal Peltier temperature control ■■ With external thermostat temperature control ■■ Temperature compensation CONTROL PELTIER TEMP. CONTROL THERMOSTAT TEMP. TEMP. COMPENSATION COMPLIANCE WITH GLOBAL STANDARDS AND NORMS ■■ GMP/GLP ■■ 21 CFR Part 11 ■■ Pharmacopoeia (USP BP JP Ph. Eur.) , , , ■■ FDA, ISO, HACCP OIML, ASTM, ICUMSA, NIST , FAST, RELIABLE MEASUREMENT ■■ Measurement of even turbid or highly viscous samples ■■ Measurement with manual measurement time input or optimized measurement time thanks to automatic stability recognition ■■ Multiple...

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AUTOMATION OPTIONS – DR6000-TF MODELS SAMPLE SUPPLY OPTIONS MANUAL FULLY AUTOMATIC When working manually with the DR6000 and DR6000-T models, the low-viscous to highly viscous samples are added into the measuring tray with a pipette, syringe or spatula. The measuring tray is then closed with a sample cover. The cleaning is effortless: Apply cleaning agent to the measuring tray and wipe it off using a soft cloth until all sample residues have been dissolved and removed. The semi-automatic operation requires the DR6000-TF models with flow-through function, flow-through measuring cell, drying...

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