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Picture shows the GP-1500 with accessories (not included in scope of delivery) This special working table guarantees a pollutant-free laboratory environment when slicing and preparing histological tissues. The air is being vacuumed downwards throughout the entire working area to provide an optimal removal of unsanitary vapors. MAC values (maximum allowable concentration) for formalin are below target throughout the entire vacuum-effected area. The working table is equipped with a permanganate carbon filter and an integrated van. Moreover, it operates in recirculating-air mode and does not have to be connected to an exhaust air unit provided by the customer. Entire construction is made of stainless steel (material no. 1.4301 – ANSI 304) Fixed illumination with “daylight” quality approximately 5,000° K Railing system for attaching holding devices such as camera holders, magnifier lamp holders etc. Inclusive two shockproof sockets 230 Volt (mounted on top of the illumination system) Sturdy self-supporting substructure adjustable feet Work surface includes a seamlessly welded basin measuring 370 x 150 mm Mixing tap with extendable hand shower Very sturdy, perforated insertable working plates (approximately 10 mm lower), drilling D17, T60 Air speed on the perforated surface: min. 0,4 m/sec Integrated exhaust van Integrated sprinkler system with adjustable valve for bath sanitation located underneath the perforated working plates  Formalin sink with sieve insert  Connection for waste water as well as hot and cold water  Optionally Height-adjustable from 850 to 1100 mm by means of an integrated electric drive Technical Data see back page KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG Hermann-Köhl-Str. 2A DE - 93049 Regensburg/Germany Subject to technical modifications as required by produc

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GrossPath GP-1500 Technical Data: Dimensions table W/D/H: Dimensions illumination W/D/H: Exhaust air capacity: Material: Perforated working area: Cold/Warm water connection: Waste water connection: Type: Article No.: KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG Hermann-Köhl-Str. 2A DE - 93049 Regensburg/Germany 1500 x 800 x 850 / 1950 mm 1500 x 300 x 1100 mm approx. 750 m³/h stainless steel (1.4301 – ANSI 304) approx. 960 x 670 mm ½” 2” GP-1500 060.205.100 Subject to technical modifications as required by products improvements (Version 01

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