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Sample Preparation Station Our sample preparation station comprises of three parts that could, if necessary, also be obtained individually in the course of modernization works: laboratory table with table plate made of high pressure laminate, perforated working area and active-carbon air recirculation system. Laboratory table with table plate: The laboratory plate is made of eco-friendly high pressure laminate. All raw materials and woods that are used during production come from sustainably managed forests with PEFC- and FSC-certificates. The surfaces can be individually color matched with any corporate identity. Additionally, the high pressure laminate plates are coated with the antimicrobial Sanitized® coating with silver ions which kills 99.9% of the bacteria within 24 hours. A C-shaped base frame is mounted under the table plate to provide plenty of leg room when working. Perforated working area: The perforated working area is inserted in the laboratory plate. All harmful vapors are being vacuumed downwards throughout the entire working area. When doing so, the maximum concentration values for work involving formaldehyde are being underscored. Active-carbon air recirculation system: An active-carbon air recirculation system is placed under the laboratory table. The integrated permanganate carbon filter purifies the contaminated air and directs the clean air back to the laboratory. The great advantage in this connection is that a customer’ supplied ventilation is not necessary. Thanks to its large permanganate carbon filter, the table can be in use for up to 800* working hours. The filter can be easily replaced through the large inspection hole in the housing of the air recirculation system. * operation time depends of various factors Please refer to back page for technical details KUGEL medical GmbH & Co. KG Hermann-Köhl-Str. 2A DE - 93049 Regensburg/Germany Subject to technical modifications as required by products improvements (Version 01/2018

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Technical Details: Laboratory table with table plate: Material Table Plate: Coating: 38 mm high pressure laminate antibacterial Sanitized® coating with silver ions C-Shaped Base Frame: Material: Coating: Color: Overall Dimensions: Type: Article No.: precision steel pipe as per DIN 2395 powder coating light grey, RAL 7035 1,000 x 700 x 750 mm LT-1000-C 095.015.500 Perforated working area: Material: Perforation working plate: Air flow: Exhaust air capacity : Dimensions: Waste water duct : Exhaust air duct : Type: Article No.: Active-carbon air recirculation system: Material housing: Working...

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