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KwickScreen Air Product Features - 12 Pages

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KwickScreen Air Product Features

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Light. Thin. Flexible.

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r    n Embodying all of the benefits and features of the original KwickScreen, the KwickScreen Air is ultra lightweight, more flexible and ready to help you create your space. L    J

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The Air features a simplifed, lighter frame, with no aluminium casing. The handle and base have both been reduced in size and weight, allowing the frame to be supported on only two castors. This lightweight body allows effortless extension and retraction of the screen, with nearly no force required. Thin The slim design of the Air enables the product occupy the smallest of spaces. This is perfect for scenarios where space is precious. Flexible The screen has a full 180 degree range of movement, and can be extended at any angle within this range from the wall bracket. This increases...

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Self-Closing The screen attaches securely to the wall, and features an innovative self-closing mechanism. When retracted the screen will click shut, holding it seamlessly against the wall.

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Fully Retractable The KwickScreen Air can be retracted when not in use and pulled out to any length up to 3m in an instant without needing to use brakes. Improved Infection Control Made out of impermeable materials the KwickScreen Air can be wiped clean after ever patient unlike curtains. Privacy & Dignity The KwickScreen Air provides great privacy and dignity for patients as it is more substantial than curtains. Multiple KwickScreens can also be joined to create a private, seamless bay. Better Patient Experience Art has a direct effect on health and well being, and the printable inners can...

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Customization The Air features a double sided printable inner panel. You can customize your panels by choosing from the diverse selection of images within our print catalogue. The inner panels can be easily unzipped and replaced with different images whenever you wish, giving you complete flexibility with your designs. Our team will assist you in choosing complimentary images for your environment.

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Assembly The screen is very easy to install, only requiring a handful of screws to attach it to the wall. Once assembled the screen is also easy to replace or repair, due to the interchangable inner panels. Attach base to bracket Line and mark up bracket position Attach bracket to wall

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Dimensions Fully Extended Screen Closed Screen Closed Screen Top View

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Purchase Options In order to give you guaranteed peace of mind and help you make the most of your KwickScreen, we offer a comprehensive service package offering extra cover beyond the standard warranty and a loyalty reward to ensure future savings. Our Gold Service offering is 10% of the order in the first year and 5% in each year thereafter. • Unit • Double sided print • Delivery not included • 1 Years manufacturers waranty • Free delivery • 50% off repairs outside warranty • 25% off future upgrades • 10% off all accessories and additional inner panels • 2 year extended warranty The...

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Environmental SafetyKwickScreen are committed to providing sustainable product solutions and reducing our environmental impact. We focus on three key areas: Waste & Recycling - we are constantly trying to increase the recyclable mass of the KwickScreen and recycle as much production waste as possible. Sustainable Product Development - we strive to create solutions which help our customers use their space more flexibly increasing building utilization and reducing the environmental impact. Reducing Energy Consumption - throughout our factory and supply chain we look to reduce energy...

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KWIC>ISCREEN MAKING SPACES Tel: +1 202-738-4044 Email: Web: KwickScreen Inc 760 Leona Lane Mountain View California 94040 U.S.A

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