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KwickScreen Pro Product Features - 10 Pages

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KwickScreen Pro Product Features

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Portable. Retractable. Original.

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The world’s most portable and flexible room partition screen. 02

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Retractable The Kwickscreen Pro can be retracted when not in use, and pulled out to any length up to 3m in an instant, without needing to use brakes. Portable Set on casters, the screen is fully portable and can be easily rolled out when needed and in use, and rolled out of the way when not. The slim design means that the unit has a very small foot print when not in use, and is therefore very easy to store. Durable The screen sits inside strong aluminium extrusion casing, which protects the inner pannel. This also features an integrated mounting channel which allows accessories to be easily...

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Feature Benefits Improved Infection Control Made out of impermeable materials the KwickScreen can be wiped clean after every patient use, unlike hospital curtains. Clinically proven to improve hand hygeine on wards. Privacy & Dignity The KwickScreen provides greater privacy and dignity for patients as it is more substantial than crutains. Screens can be used to section off areas of wards, individual patients, or to divide mixed-sex wards. Better Patient Experience Bringing art into healthcare is highly benefical for both patients and staff. Introducing calming nature scenes and vibrant...

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Customization The Pro features a double sided printable inner panel. You can customize your panels by chosing from the diverse selecion of images within our print catalogue. The inner panels can be easily unzipped and replaced with different images whenever you wish, giving you complete flexibility with your designs. Our team will assist you in choosing complementary images for your environment.

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Dimensions Fully Extended Screen: Closed Screen: Weights: Fully Assembled Weight = 29.5 kg Handle Base Weight = 4.36 kg Body Base Weight = 8.22 kg Custom Options The Pro comes in two sizes, a smaller 1.6m unit, or the original 1.9m frame, with either an anodised (standard) or powder coated finish.

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Waste & Recycling - we are constantly trying to increase the recyclable mass of the KwickScreen and recycle as much production waste as possible. Sustainable Product Development - we strive to create solutions which help our customers use their space more flexibly, increasing building utilization and reducing the environmental impact. Reducing Energy Consumption - throughout our factory and supply chain we look to reduce energy consumption. From small changes such as transitioning to LED lighting throughtout to reducing the carbon footprint of our shipping through continuous optimisation....

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Tel: 020 8452 5975 Email: Web: Unit 3 Phoenix Trading Estate Bilton Road London UB6 7DZ

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