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Portable Multichannel Analyser SpectraGAMMA II - DATA SHEET - Introduction SpectraGAMMA II is a portable 1024-channel multichannel analyzer unit. It can be used either in standalone mode or connected to a notebook Pc by the built-in windows-based connectivity and software. SpectraGAMMA II is an extremely flexible and powerful tool, suitable for different kind of use, ranging from on site environmental radioactivity to laboratory spectroscopy and individual or group radiation protection. SpectraGAMMA II can be equipped with NaI (Tl) or solid state probes of different sizes, in order to allow users a most appropriate choice, according to their needs. The internal memory can to store thousands of measures and tens of acquired spectra. The Li-Ion batteries, with virtually no self-discharge, allow the instrument to be always ready when needed, even after a long time of not working. The display is a four-line alphanumeric type, with a multi-panel management. Info are grouped by type, for an easier understanding. The possibility of managing more than one detector make it a valid instrument both for laboratory and onfield purposes. General Description SpectraGAMMA II is a radiation spectrum analyser able to manage up to 7 different kind of phototube detectors altogether, including the possibility to generate an internal HV between 300 V and 1000 V. The analog input signal is sent to a front-end Stretcher, a mini-board designed to sample and hold the PMT signal and to generate a trigger signal towards the mother-board. A 10 bit ADC samples the input signal with a maximum rate of about 50 KHz which is then stored after application of efficiency equalization (user configured, detector dependent). The device is powered by internal Li-Ion batteries (rechargeable by USB supply connector), allowing several hours of continuous measurements.

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The internal RAM can store up to 20 energy spectra, which can be downloaded to a PC by a RS232/RS485 or USB connection. Two different alarm levels can be set for a local acoustic alarm (internal speaker or headphones) and for a remote alarm by a relay activation. Energy windows can be set to filter a specific radiation type, for isotope searching. Technical Specifications(*) Electronics: 1024 channel Multi Channel Analyser 4 line – 20 char alphanumeric display 16-key functional keyboard DB9 connector for detector signal and low voltage supply MHV high voltage connector for detection probe...

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