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l’acn - l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l 20023 CERRO MAGGIORE MI (ITALIA) - via 25 Aprile 9/13 tel. +39 (0)331 420303 - fax +39 (0)331 420153 Monogamma Thyroid Uptake System MONOGAMMA Thyroid Uptake System is produced in two versions: one with moving collimator and one with static collimator. Both versions are equipped with GAMMAINTERFACE I/O unit, which allows data transmission between the TM 2x2” NaI(Tl) probe and a Personal Computer. The WUPTAKE software, supplied with MONOGAMMA runs under WINDOWS XP operating system and allows data acquisition and graphical elaboration, to organize a patients database and to perform a specrum analysis of any radioactive isotope wich may be employed. A v a i l a b l e l a n g a u g e s a r e E n g l i s h , I t a l i a n , G e r m a n a n d F r e n c h .

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Isotope Spectrum Analysis This feature allows to acquire the energy spectrum of the gamma emitting isotope which is used, so that it is possible to set acquisition thresholds for any known isotope. The progam is able to update such thresholds by an automatic procedure, in order to limit the possible variations dueto shifts in the spectrum. Data acquisition and elaboration our goal is to give the user an extremely fast and easy to use toolkit. In the picture on the left you can notice how all operations can be carried out within the same window, as well as all data can be kept under control....

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