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l’acn - l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l 20023 CERRO MAGGIORE MI (ITALIA) - via 25 Aprile 9/13 tel. +39 (0)331 420303 - fax +39 (0)331 420153 The next gamma counter generation * VIDEOGAMMA/RACK is the absolutely innovative gamma-counter which, first in the world, allows the measurements without the needing of downloading the tubes from their rack. * It is the first that carries tubes from rack to detection system by an exclusive movable arm. * For the first time, the detecting system (formed by one or more detectors), is located in an area different from the standby zone, thus cutting out any interference of radioactivity here present. * In its technological innovation, VIDEOGAMMA/RACK adds the possibility of measuring any gamma emitting radioisotope, without any exception, thanks to its exclusive automatic search system of energetic peaks. * Any personal computer linked by RS-232 universal serial port allows a great flexibility of use and the possibility of easily refreshing the software even for future evolution of data acquisition and processing. An exclusive tube carrying system · · · · · · · VIDEOGAMMA/RACK is the first RIA system not needing any operator's handling of the tubes. In the most little space. the operator simply leans the tubes rack and sets the operations on the computer. Any rack can be used, after setting its characteristics. VIDEOGAMMA/RACK will automatically carry the tubes from the rack to the detectors, thanks to an exclusive pliers, regardless of the presence of a stopper. Loading and downloading of the tubes are hold with the aim of minimizing elapsed time: for this reason both the operations are always integrated for performing a "full-load" run. In other terms, downloading a tube from the detector to the rack is followed immediately by the inverse uploading operation. The PC monitor always reports in a clear and simple graphic way any operation, thus giving an immediate information about the detection in progress. Practically, a colored map of the disposition of the tubes gives at glance the information about the tubes under detection, those already tested and those in standby.

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VIDEOGAMMA/RACK Models flexibility ! ! ! VIDEOGAMMA/RACK is offered in several models, according to the number of detectors used. The 1, 2, 4 or 8 detectors versions are indifferently available in the same mechanic shell. VIDEOGAMMA/RACK is also available with different kinds of detectors. Besides the classical RIA detectors for low energy one or more detectors can be added for measurements of high energy, as frequently requested in a center RIA operating in nuclear medicine. A typical example is the model VIDEOGAMMA/RACK-MN which uses four 1,5” x 1,5” detectors for RIA measurements and one...

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VIDEOGAMM A/RACK • V/IDEOGAMMA/RACK exploits the complete RIA program library set up by L'ACM since its foundation in 1975. It is possible to find acquisition and data processing programs for: 4. fittings: POIMT-TO-POIMT, PARAMETERS, LOGIT-LOG, 5PLIME. • Only V/IDEOQAMMA/RACK offers even the software for the calculation of the activity in any tube expressed in Bq. Assay ALDOSTERONE Quality Control The quality-control program can represent clearly and immediately the temporary trend of 9 parameters for any RIA test in graphics mode. Technical specifications • DETECTION 5Y5TEM: Erom 1 to 10...

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Data acquisition and processing · Illimitated protocols for Radio Immune Assay (RIA) · Procedures of automatic setting of 9 simultaneous measure groups, with preselection of measure timing, type and its fitting curve. · Interpolations: POINT-TO-POINT, 4 parameters, SPLINE, LOGIT-LOG. · Measure procedure for calculating the activity in any tube in Bq. Automatic procedures allow to verify: 1. The functionality of the motors used for the moving of VIDEOGAMMA/RACK arm. 2. The system calibration by the energetic pick automatic centering of any detector. 3. The count efficiency and reliability of...

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