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Dose Calibrator Gammacal

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l’acn - l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l 20023 CERRO MAGGIORE MI (ITALIA) - via 25 Aprile 9/13 tel. +39 (0)331 420303 - fax +39 (0)331 420153 GAMMACAL rev.09/2005 GAMMACAL - dose calibrator for gamma emitting isotopes ! GAMMACAL is a dose calibrator based on the principle of the ionization chamber. It is suitable for measuring automatically doses of gamma ray emitting isotopes. The cylindrical ionization chamber ensures high uniformity for different volumes to be measured. So the matter to be analyzed can be contained for example in a small bottle used for storage or directly in a syringe. ! It uses a microprocessor for connection with a Personal Computer. The connection is established by a standard serial port. In this way the only button present on GAMMACAL is the master switch. ! GAMMACAL is controlled in both phases, acquisition and data elaboration, by the keyboard and the mouse of the personal computer. So these instruments are the main instruments to interface the device with the operator. ! The programs are designed for Microsoft Windows. This permits flexible use of the device, also using for example a net. ! The most evident advantage for the operator is the possibility to perform measurements of radioactive sources from high distance which ensures zero exposure and thus maximum safety. ! It is calibrated for the most common radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine . On the other hand it may be used too for any other type of radioisotope , using a simple calibration procedure implemented in the software. ! The software in English language can be updated to match completely actual legislation

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GAMMACAL rev.09/2005 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Unlimited number of measurable radioisotopes. 13 predefined isotopes : Tc-99m, I-131, Cr-51, In-111, Re-186, Ga-67, Xe-133, I-125, Tl-201,I-123,Co-60, Cs-137, Ba-133 Measurement range: from 25 keV to 40 MeV Precision: better than 1% Stability: better than 1% (long term) Measurement time: selectable by the operator ( minimum time 2 seconds ). Electrical characteristics: ~ 220 V , 50 Hz. l'acn laboratori scientifici Nuclear Medicine equipments Via 25 aprile 9/13 Cerro Maggiore (MI) ITALY tel. +39 0331-420303 fax+39 0331-420153 Certification of...

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