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Sonda Chirurgica Gammasentinel

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l’acn - l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l 20023 CERRO MAGGIORE MI (ITALIA) - via 25 Aprile 9/13 tel. +39 (0)331 420303 - fax +39 (0)331 420153 Gammapocket MA-4000 Geiger Muller GAMMAPOCKET MA-4000 GEIGER MULLER GAMMAPOCKET is an instrument able to measure the radiation activity of gamma and x-rays sources in terms of dose rate and integral dose. Fully digital, because controlled by microprocessor, it shows the results on a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). It is powered by batteries and it is able to ensure a correct working for almost ten days before to reload the batteries. In stand by option, GAMMAPOCKET has an autonomy of about 20 days.

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Gammapocket MA-4000 Geiger Muller rev.09/2005 5 cifre per il valore di attività rivelata BACK LIGHTED LCD (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY) The low-consume LCD shows, by big digits, the performed the measurement. GAMMAPOCKET is able to show the measurements in terms of Gy/h, mR/h for dose rate, or Gy, mR for integral dose. The lighting of the display, in dark situation, is obtained by pushing the button marked by a light. 0,0345 d Virgola mobile Indicatore di modo operativo: I ð Intensità d ð Dosimetro GAMMA POCKET WATER PROOF KEY BOARD stand by The key board, includes 4 keys that allow either to...

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