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l’acn - l’accessorio nucleare S.r.l 20023 CERRO MAGGIORE MI (ITALIA) - via 25 Aprile 9/13 tel. +39 (0)331 420303 - fax +39 (0)331 420153 www.acn.it acn@acn.it Unigamma DEXA FAN BEAM BONE DENSITOMETER PLUS Unigamma is the latest multi-detector,fan beam DXA bonedensitometer manufactured by l’acn. The 5-channel architecture allows reduced scan times and better image resolution. Moreover, the small fan-beam configuration minimizes the geometrical distortion, even on wholebody scans. For special applications, it is also possible to use the unit in a pencil-beam mode, using only the central channel. The new WINMOC v10.1 software features new graphic tools for image improvement, such as non-linear contrast , bi-cubic interpolation, customizable color scales and double image scans. Simplicity of use and modular design make of Unigamma the ideal all-purpose bone densitometer for different user categories, ranging from the big hospitals to the private doctor’s clinic.

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Unigamma Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is an ever growing problem affecting millions of women and men worldwide. The healthcare costs associated with osteoporosis are staggering, and the effect on your patient’s quality of life can be devastating. But fortunately, osteoporosis is detectable and treatable. Testing is safe and non invasive so you can test for osteoporosis in your office. l’acn Over 25 years now l’acn from the very North of Italy has designed and supplied bone densitometry systems to customers world wide. R & D efforts focus on providing efficient clinical solutons in a...

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Multi Pencil Beam in Fan Beam geometry Five individually and finely collimateci pencil beams ensure the lowest possible patient dose, while simultaneously allowing for fast scan times and optimal patient throughput. I'acn has employed its expertise in multi-detector gamma camera solutions to create a dependable and yet extremely versatile answer to the requirements of high throughput clinics. Dote. Leonardo Pepe vìa XXV Acrile 20023 Cerro Kagqiore (HI)

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Unigamma UM-03/2007 PLUS System Specifications Clinical Indications Principle: Patient dose: Generator: Cooling: Energies: Separation: Filtration: Linearity range: Precision: Accuracy: Calibration: Beam size: Scan time: Results: Bone edges: Dimensions: Scan area: Weight: PC system: * Premenopausal ovarian disfunction * Bilateral oophorectomy * Early natural menopausa * Natural menopause * Renal disease * Chronic liver disease * Long term use of corticosteroids * Malabsorption syndromes * Prolonged immobility * Rheumatoid arthritis * Hyperparathyroidism * Cushing syndrome * Hypothyroidism *...

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