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SweepZone® Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems All SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems operate with a special cleaning wave of +/2KHz energy that literally sweeps back and forth throughout the ultrasonic tank. The innovative L&R SweepZone technological system incorporates Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which enables the machines to sense cleaning loads, solution levels and voltage fluctuations. SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems automatically adjust to different conditions in order to create more uniform cleaning power by eliminating hot spots and weak areas in the tank. This results in unsurpassed cleaning performance with every application. User friendly digital touch pad controls make it easy and convenient to set any of the five preset timer settings from a range of six to sixty minutes. Durable stainless steel housing and tank are corrosion resistant and long lasting. L&R Manufacturing Company 577 Elm Street, PO Box 607 Kearny, NJ 07032-0607 USA Tel: 201.991.5330 Fax: 201.991.5870 www.LRultrasonics.com info@LRultrasonics.com

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SweepZone® automatically adjusts for more uniform cleaning. SweepZone 310 Recessed System (Shown with hinged lid upgrade) Input Power Average watts 117 VAC 60 Hz SweepZone 310 SweepZone 310R (Recessed) SweepZone 360R (Recessed) SweepZone 650R (Recessed) *All models include: Timer, Drain & Stainless Steel Cover **Overall Dimensions of Recessed Systems are for Generator only All systems operate at 43kHz - 45kHz sweep range with a sweep rate of either 3 or 83Hz. All systems are available with international voltages. Visit our website to view our full line of accessories L&R Manufacturing...

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