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FISIO breast pump with automatic and adjustable suction cycle FISIO gives mother the natural feel of breastfeeding by faithfully and smoothly reproducing the action of a breastfeeding baby. EASY TO USE A single adjustment control A djustable suction cycle synchronized with suction strength G entle stimulation and expression phases according to the physiology of breastfeeding EASY TO MAINTAIN Reliable and robust Easy to assemble and clean OPTIMUM COMFORT Customizing settings U sed with the KOLOR® KIT EXPRESSION, single or dual pumping DUAL PUMPING Time saving A significant increase in the prolactin rate: increased lactation Extend breastfeeding with serenity A single control for adjustment

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KOLOR® Expression Kit One-piece, soft and multi-size breast shield. COMFORTABLE • Ergonomic and flexible shield • Soft contact on the skin OPTIMAL HYGIENE • Prevents the risk of contamination induced by the contact of fingers in the breast shield. EASY TO CLEAN • The gasket cannot be lost • Comfort shield fixed on the funnel MULTI-SIZE • 2 comfort shapes: S (Small) and L (Large) • 4 inner diameters: Inner diameter Comfort shape Size S & L K.COMPS.EN.274.0719 - Medical device class IIa. Read carefully the instructions for use delivered with the medical device. Documentation for health...

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