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ENHANCE HEALING! Wound electrostimulation therapy WoundEL® practical placement guide

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WoundEL® treats chronic wounds through electrostimulation by combining the benefits of controlled healing with those of daily electrostimulation sessions. For optimal therapeutic results, it is imperative to maintain a moist and controlled environment conducive to the transmission of the electrical signal on the wound bed. PREPARE YOUR EQUIPMENT WOUNDEL® EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: WoundEL® Console 2 X 30 MIN SESSIONS/DAY AT LEAST 6H APART Main Cable Dressing Cable 1 to 2 Dressing Electrodes REPLACEMENT EVERY 2 TO 4 DAYS 1 Dispersion electrode ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Wound preparation: Dressing kit,...

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PREPARE THE WOUND AND ITS EDGES CLEANSE THE WOUND in accordance with the hospital protocol in force For fragile or atopic skin, extra precautions can be taken: BY PROTECTING THE EDGES OF THE WOUND: Making a stencil with absorbent dressing (such as Hydrofibre, Alginate, Hydrocolloid, etc.)* Using a cream or spray suitable for this indication* * ecommendations drawing from user experience since the launch of R WoundEL® Cut out the entire adhesive area, taking care not to cut the electrode part or the connecting tab Apply an absorbent dressing (such as Hydrofibre, Alginate) to the adhesive...

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COVER THE WOUND with the dressing electrode. If a compression or holding strip is in place, allow the tabs to protrude to facilitate the connection. PLACEMENT CONSIDERATION DEPENDING ON THE WOUND: ON WOUND LARGER THAN 10X10 CM: Two Dressing electrodes can be juxtaposed, taking care to cut out the adhesive parts that may be in contact with the wound. If the wound is not entirely covered by the electrodes, a moist dressing may be added (e.g. Alginate). CAVITY WOUNDS (6 CM MAXIMUM): Pack the wound with a moistened conductor element to ensure contact and conductivity with the wound bed...

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CONNECTION TO THE WOUNDEL® CONSOLE A Connect the main cable to the Woundel® console (Press without turning while holding the ring) Connect the main cable to the dressing cable (Green cap to green spot). If necessary, connect a second dressing cable to the second green spot Connect the dressing cable to the tab of the dressing electrode using the red clip Connect the dispersion electrode to the main cable (Black connector to black spot) Apply the dispersion electrode to a healthy, depilated patch of skin more than 30 cm from the dressing electrode 5

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STARTING AN ELECTROSTIMULATION SESSION PRESS THE GREEN START BUTTON on top of the device PRESS THE UP ARROW to start a new session, and confirm using the green button Increase amperage until the patient begins to feel tingling, then decrease by one (1) mA using \^/. Amperage can be set between 5 and 42mA. The average is generally 20 to 25mA. This sensitivity may vary between sessions Make sure the yellow LED is on (current indicator) END OF THE SESSION: The session is pre-set to 30 min and the therapy stops automatically. Disconnect the dressing cable and remove the dispersion electrode by...

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F.A.Q FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES CAN THERAPY SETTINGS BE MODIFIED? (FREQUENCY, POLARITY) The console is pre-set by default to negative polarity and 128Hz frequency. • egative polarity: the objective is to stimulate debridement N and granulation 1. • ositive polarity: the objective is to stimulate epidermization 1. P • 128Hz frequency: all types of wound • 64Hz frequency: small wounds (<5cmX5cm) These settings are subject to medical prescription. WHAT IF THE YELLOW LED, WHICH INDICATES THE CURRENT FLOW IN THE WOUND, DOES NOT LIGHT UP? Check that the cables and...

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Item Denomination a 0459 Therapy console class Ila medical device CE 0459 Dressing electrode: class IIb medical device ce Dispersion electrode: class I medical device Carefully read the directions in the operating instructions and/or on the label. Documentation intended for Healthcare Professionals. Not covered by LPPR (List of Products and Services qualifying for Reimbursement). Actual product may differ from photographs. PLACEMENT VIDEO AT: CONTACT OUR SALES ASSISTANT: Tel.: +33 (0) Email: Wound EL* HEALTH CARE

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