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. . . The zone between the cage and the room. i .,,;WVVVM Independently ' Tested & Certified ----^ ''////t First, we imagined a Micro-Isolator™ system that helps prevent the development of Laboratory Animal Allergies for animal care personnel by limiting the escape of airborne cage effluent into animal rooms ... and then we built it. It works, and independently certified test results prove it. The AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator™ design was independently tested for containment of Mouse Urine Protein (M.U.P.), a documented cause of allergic reactions and asthmatic episodes with personnel. ^Independent certified testing confirmed M.U.P. levels were not increased in the work area using the AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator™ system. These results are further supported with separate, ^^independent SF6 tracer gas challenge testing. No traceable gas leakage was detected from cages into the room or from the room into cages. AllerZone™ provides the best of both worlds, a positive cage in a negative rack with allergen control and balanced airflow. Zone 2 Zone 1, The Cage: /AllerZone™ Animal zone. Positive pressure protecting animals with HEPA filtered air. Zone 2, AllerZone™: Independent air pressure zone. Keeps allergens and cage particulate from escaping into the room, and prevents room air from entering the cage. Zone 3, The Room: Personnel zone. Reduces exposure to particulate and allergens. Protecting valuable research animals is our business, and reducing personnel exposure to allergens is our goal. By supplying low velocity HEPA filtered air to cages and capturing cage exhaust air, AllerZone™ technology reduces airborne particulate within cages and the surrounding room, good news for man and animal alike. AllerZone™ combines a specially designed channeled cage filter top, exhaust port and exhaust canopy to capture allergens, animal dander and odors within a separate air pressure zone called AllerZone™ ... the zone between the cage and the room. Available on the Super Mouse 750™, Super Mouse 1800™, One Cage™, One Cage 2100™ and Super Rat 1400™ Micro-Isolator™ Systems. AllerZone *The Efficiency of Ventilated Cage Racks as Engineering Controls in Reducing Personnel Exposure to Mouse Urine Protein. John Schafer, MFS,CIH, HEIM, CEPA. **Gas Challenge Testing performed by NSF accredited technicians of ENV Services, Inc., Testing and Certification of contamination Control Equipment. Lab Products, Inc. • 742 Sussex Avenue, P.O. Box 639, Seaford, DE 19973 800.526.0469 • 302.628.4300 • Fax 302.628.4309 • © Bio Medic Corporation 2008. AllerZone, Super Mouse 750, Super Mouse 1800, One Cage, One Cage 2100, Super Rat 1400 and Micro-Isolator are trademarks of Lab Products, Inc. Covered by various U.S. and International Patents and Patents pen

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Balanced Airflow Continuing to refine industry leading AllerZone™ technology, Lab Products has developed a truly revolutionary concept: Balanced Airflow in ventilated Micro-Isolator™ housing systems. Why is Balanced Airflow desirable? Balanced airflow enables researchers to maintain minimal airflow variations among individual cages, and provide improved indoor air quality for personnel. It safeguards against cross-contamination, improves the quality of life for animals, protects the integrity of research studies, and creates a healthier environment by limiting the exposure of personnel to...

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